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It may be hard for many to believe, but it’s been a decade since Twisted Pixel Games were right at the top of their game, delivering experiences filled with humour, clever ideas and utter madness. While it may have been the success of The Maw and the outstanding ‘Splosion Man which really thrust them into the limelight, Comic Jumper was still a pretty damn brilliant playthrough too – and right now that playthrough is free to take in thanks to the game being gifted to all via the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for May 2019.

First released back in 2009, Comic Jumper released on Xbox 360 to thrust us into the world of one Captain Smiley, a hero who has found that his comic books have been slammed by critics. From here, things go a bit crazy and with his wonderful sidekick, Star, alongside him, it is left to Twisted Pixel themselves to help Smiley jump between comics in order to gain popularity and to raise the required cash needed to kickstart his own ‘The Adventures of Captain Smiley’ series. 

It’s funny, it delivers some great gameplay ideas – with clever comic designs and available weaponry changing as Captain Smiley falls into each individual comic – and runs with some super solid platforming ideas, with a smattering of on-rails shooting, multiple quick time events and melee combat opportunities thrown in. 

It is now however that the usual Comic Jumper price of £9.99 is being removed, delivering the game to all Xbox Live Gold members who have access to an Xbox 360 or, thanks to the power of Backwards Compatibility, on Xbox One too. No matter whether you played it to death back in the day, or are new to the wonderful goodies that Twisted Pixel were able to create, you’ll not want to miss the free love being delivered via the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for May 2019, and that means you should be downloading Comic Jumper right now. You’ve got until the end of May to hit that Xbox Store download button.

Should you wish to know more about the Xbox Games With Gold titles for May 2019, then ensure you have a little read of our in-depth article.

Game Description:

Here we are, it’s impulse buy time. You already know how awesome “Comic Jumper” is going to be from that sweet demo, but maybe you need more. How about a free premium dashboard theme? Free gamerpics? Free avatar accessories? Yes. Tons of unlockables and bonuses? How about a few new “Splosion Man” levels for good measure? “Comic Jumper” comes from Twisted Pixel Games, creators of the award-winning “Splosion Man” and “The Maw”.

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