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GTA: Vice City? Red Dead Redemption 2? Which are Rockstar Games’ best titles?


Rockstar Games are one of the biggest and most iconic video game developers to have ever existed, although that is largely down to some of the exceptional video games that they have managed to provide the industry.

Of course, game series such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne will immediately spring to mind as being amongst the very best to have ever been created, but which of the titles within those series are the best that Rockstar Games have provided gamers?

Take a look at the list that we have provided and check out how we have ranked some of the brilliant games to have been made here!

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

For many, there is no better game in the world than the Vice City edition of the hit Grand Theft Auto game franchise. The game is widely believed to have one of the very best storylines that any game has ever featured, whilst it is one that has kept players hooked ever since it came out around 20 years ago.

Those that have played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will already know that it is based on “Scarface”, as players will control Tommy Vercetti through Vice City (Miami) and take part in various storylines that involve his life.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Coming close to the top of the list of the best Rockstar Games to have ever been created, Red Dead Redemption 2 is another game title that is known throughout the video game industry that has a reputation for being one of the best ever.

Many would have found it difficult to better the first Red Dead Redemption game, but this edition simply blew it out of the water as players were able to do a lot more than they were ever before. Acting as a prequel to the first game, players were provided with Arthur Morgan and a fully interactive world in which they could do a range of different things. For instance, it was possible for those who enjoy playing poker to try the classic casino table game whilst playing this game. The poker minigame can be played in 5 different locations. Furthermore, poker tables become available after finishing the second Chapter mission called ‘Who is Not without Sin’.

Gamers would agree that the storyline to have been crafted was perfect, whilst there was an endless amount of fun that can be experienced when playing this title. 

Red Dead Redemption

Unsurprisingly, Red Dead Redemption is a Rockstar Games title that needs to appear on this list of the best games to have been produced by the developer, with the game providing players with everything that they could have wanted in a classic old western shoot’em up.

Admittedly, the game featured a rather violent storyline that took gamers on a tale that consisted of revenge, hatred and government interference, but that is what a good, classic Old West game requires, right? Playing as John Marston, it was incredibly fun hunting down Dutch van der Linde and still is to this day, although it is better to do so in the prequel mentioned above.

Grand Theft Auto 4

Rockstar Games has a unique ability to be able to provide gamers with some of the best open-world adventures with its games, with many witnessing some of the developer’s best work when they played Grand Theft Auto 4.

Based on New York City, the fictional Liberty City was the exclusive home of Niko’s tale in this immigrant-based story, as players went through his life of family and betrayal without wanting to put down the Xbox controller.

Alongside his cousin, Roman, the duo would go on to rise up the ranks of the criminal underworld where they would be able to take their own portion of the criminal activity and reap the rewards of doing so.

There is no denying that Grand Theft Auto 4 left a mark on popular culture and in the minds of gamers, which is why it has to rank as one of the very best titles by Rockstar Gaming.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

It could be argued that there are a number of Rockstar Games that could be listed above Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, however for many, this game was just the start of what the developer was able to achieve.

The game, arguably, set the foundations of the rest of the series, as it introduced players to a number of different aspects, such as one of the largest open-world maps to have ever been experienced at the time.

Based in San Andreas (the fictional city of Los Angeles), the game did have forgettable stories, but CJ remains a popular character whilst it provided players with the possibility of using planes and trains!

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