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6 of the easiest Achievements from the Xbox One games released in April 2018


So May is upon us already and whilst it certainly looks to be an exciting month with State of Decay 2 and Dark Souls Remastered both set to hit the shelves, let’s not forget that last month also saw a plethora of new titles arriving for players on Xbox One. Although they may not have been some of the biggest titles of the year, there were certainly enough worth looking at, especially if you fancy yourself some extra Gamerscore to help stay on top of that enticing monthly leaderboard.

With that said, we are back once more to bring you some of the easiest Achievements from the Xbox One games that released in April 2018.

Before we get started though, please note that all Achievements shown in this article and the unlock percentages they hold are accurate at the time of writing, and only the games that have arrived during April 2018 can be considered for inclusion in the article.

Now, who wants to get their eyes on some of the easiest Gamerscore points for April 2018!

I Got This – Robocraft Infinity – 30g – 38.69%

If Robot Wars taught us anything, it’s that deep down, many of us would quite like to build an almighty robotic killing machine and pit it against many other robotic killing machines. Unfortunately for many of us that hasn’t been possible, at least until now.

Robocraft Infinity is essentially just what we’ve been waiting for in that respect.

It may not be easy as we all thought, but you won’t find yourself having to become a master robotics engineer to snag some easy pointsin this one, as simply completing the tutorial is enough to net a simple 30g. Lovely eh?

If that’s not enough to tide you over, then you’ll be happy to know that you can also gain some more for completing your first ranked battle with an extra 20g for your efforts no matter whether you win or lose.

The best thing of all is that these can be done inside the first 30 minutes of gametime. What more could you want!

Level 10 – TERA – 20g – 51.03%

MMORPG… the mere mention can be enough to have some people run for the hills as 99% of the time they can be guaranteed to offer a somewhat challenging experience. If that was your initial thoughts with TERA, then hold your horses.

Although it may not be the best game on the market, it’s not the worst either and best of all, it’s not hard, with the game pretty much guiding you along every step of the way courtesy of hack and slash action with overly helpful map markers. What’s more is that by completing the tutorial will be more than enough to net you a cool 30g.

When you factor in the fact the tutorial will take no more than ten minutes and TERA won’t cost you a penny, you have the perfect recipe for helping stay on top of that cheeky Gamerscore leaderboard – not to mention anyone with a bit more time will find plenty more ready to pop should you stick in a few more hours.

The Fight Begins – Hellblade – 90g – 84.36%

Hellblade is a fantastic game, there’s no doubt about it. If you want a game with depth, emotion, fantastic visuals and impeccable gameplay there aren’t many you’ll find much better, especially for the price.

But you’re not here for a list of the best games, you want that extra Gamerscore don’t you, which makes it even better that Hellblade comes packed with a rather generous Achievement list too.

The first you’ll pop requires no more than reaching the main gates for the first time – something which can’t be missed – and will net you a rather precious 90g for your efforts. Should you not be satisfied with that, or feel rather excited at the high value, then you’ll be happy to know that a full run through can net all 1000/1000.

Not bad for a game that is also a joy to play is it?

Big Things have Small Beginnings – Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs Royal Edition – 30g – 84.38%

Whilst the name of this one may prove quite lengthy, the gameplay is more than familiar to fans of turn-based RPG strategy action. Fortunately, it won’t take a turn-based veteran to squeeze some Achievements out of Regalia Of Men and Monarchs Royal Edition though, as winning your first battle – something which will come early on without much effort – is all that’s required to see the first 30g pop up on the screen.

If that’s enough to keep you intrigued, then anyone willing to go a few steps further and complete your first text adventure will see the ‘Commercial Break’ Achievement ping, closely followed behind by an extra 15g.

Club – Metropolis Lux – 40g – 85.17% 

We love those tutorial Achievements here at TheXboxHub and we’re sure you do too, so it’s nice to see this month is absolutely riddled with them. Unfortunately, despite taking up roughly 15 minutes of our time, Metropolis Lux doesn’t quite give away that early Gamerscore for besting the tutorial. But hey, you can’t really complain at the 40g that’s grabbed for entering the strip club immediately after it finishes, and as something you’re not going to miss it still feels as good as a tutorial booster.

If you’re one of those who dies a lot in your games, there’s also an extra chunk of Gamerscore available for you to the tune of 30g, with ‘You’re Dead’ popping for dying once.

Don’t feel too disheartened, embrace it instead.

Clear Victory – Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare – 50g – 89.68%

Whilst this list has is full of high-scoring achievements, there’s nothing better than receiving a load of Gamerscore for very little effort whatsoever – what’s easier than completing a tutorial level you say? Well how about tapping A just twice on the very first mission of Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare to gain the lovely 3 stars rating and a smooth 50g for the effort of a double button press, as that’s all you have to do with this month’s zombie infested adventure.

If you think that’s generous, then why not stay on for Level 2, which will give you another 50g just for putting a blue barrel to good use.


So, there we have it, another month down and a rather generous selection of easy Achievements to get yourself an early seat at the top of the monthly Gamerscore board. Have you unlocked any of those found within our list? Do you have any we’ve missed that are well worth an honourable mention? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

Carlos Santuana (Sly Boogie1993)
Carlos Santuana (Sly Boogie1993)
After 20 years of playing every game I can get my hands on, I can now be found selling my soul for anything Resident Evil, Gears of War, or Gamerscore related... all of which will be mastered after a good cuppa!
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