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Biggest Portal Knights update ever brings Elves, Rogues, Rifts and more!


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Fancy a bit of new content for the award winning Portal Knights on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam? You’re in luck as today sees the arrival of not just the biggest free update yet, but also the launch of the Elves, Rogues and Rifts DLC pack.

So, dealing with the latter first, the Portal Knights Elves, Rogues and Rifts DLC is now available for purchase, bringing with it never before seen content in which you get to play as a new Elvish race, complete with proper Elf hairstyles and ears! There is also a new Rogue class – should you be into the whole stabby stabby thing – whilst roguelite rifts bring randomly generated dungeons full of traps, puzzles, and loot!

Priced up at £7.99, the Portal Knights Elves, Rogues and Rifts DLC includes:

  • A new Elvish race! Play as an Elf, complete with new customizable ears, Elvish hair styles, skin tones, and more!
  • A new Rogue class! Play as a Rogue and explore new talents like stealth and backstabbing, along with dozens of new, craftable weapons and armor.
  • The Roguelite Rifts! Extensive dungeons that are randomly generated upon entry – home to devious traps and puzzles. Time in the Rifts is limited, and they require absolute mastery to obtain the best loot! Players can explore them with friends for their best shot at survival.
  • The Elvish City and Rogue’s Guild. Brand new environments packed with quests and political intrigue.
  • Players who buy the DLC will be able to invite their friends to join them in these new areas so they can preview expansion content for free.

But that’s not the only Portal Knights news and to accompany the DLC is a new free update for all PC and console players – the QUESTING UPDATE. This sees a new city emerge, a multitude of additions for those interested in Creative Mode, multiplayer options to enjoy, a new quest log and hundreds of bug fixes, performance enhancments and more. Again, full details of this free update as follows…

  • The Mage’s Guild! A new quest city full of characters and Elysian lore.
  • Dungeon creation! For the first time, Creative Mode players will be able to place monsters and create traps and puzzles with new logic blocks, buttons, pressure plates, and more.
  • Public multiplayer games and user permissions. PC and PS4 players can now choose to host or join public multiplayer games that will be visible to all players – not just friends. To help protect your buildings and treasure, hosts will be able to set user permissions.
  • New Quest Log. Players can keep track of their quests as they travel from island to island and can choose which ones to track.
  • Much, much more! Hundreds of quality of life updates, bug fixes, performance optimizations, and other surprises.

Tempted to head back to Portal Knights? Well, you’ll find the game available form the usual digital stores alongside the Elves, Rogues, and Rifts DLC. Both of these updates will launch on Nintendo Switch soon too.

DLC Description:

Travel to Elysia’s moon, Faynore, and uncover its mysteries! FEATURES: Play as a Rogue! Explore new talents like stealth and backstabbing, along with dozens of new, craftable weapons and armor. Play as an Elf! A new race, complete with ears, hair styles, skin tones, and more! Beware the Roguelite Rifts! These randomly generated passages are home to devious traps and puzzles. Should a Portal Knight fail to reach the end of a Rift in time, ALL treasures found are lost forever! Travel with friends for your best chance of survival. All-New Exotic Loot! The Rifts contain many rare treasures, but to acquire them you’ll need to find the crafting stations hidden in their depths! The Elvish City and Rogue’s Guild These quest islands are full of charming characters and political intrigue! Bring Friends to Faynore! You can host other players on Faynore – though only players who own the DLC will be able to use items found there.

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