Blood Bowl 2 has celebrated Gamescom 2 with the release of its latest trailer…and this one focuses right in on the Star players you’ll find in the game.

The Superstars of Blood Bowl, the Star Players are skilled veterans who have become living legends thanks to the match prowess. If an opposing team see their name in the line up, you can be sure they’ll be struck down with fear!

With a high hiring fee, the Stars will only ever join your team for one match, but manage to persuade a couple of them to play at the same time and you may well see the match turning on its head. Incredibly talented Bowlers are rare and should be treated with care as their tricks and special skills are near on priceless!

You’ll be able to pick up Blood Bowl 2 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC from Sept 22nd 2015.  The compelling campaign and brand new graphics engine should ensure it is the best Blood Bowl title to date!



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