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They may make up a small Romanian indie studio, but the team at KillHouse Games know the development process well, hitting veteran status in the local scene. Now though they are working towards delivering their very first game to console, and after seeing Door Kickers: Action Squad receive positive reviews upon release on PC, it seems only right to hear that game is now coming to console.

Due to hit home on console (Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch) in summer 2019, Door Kickers: Action Squad is an utterly crazy action side-scroller that pits Law Enforcement against bad dudes and unspoken horrors.

Running with a smattering of strategy and tactics on top of some crazy SWAT style action, Door Kickers does as the name suggests, leaving you to literally kick the doors down, shoot bad guys and save the poor hostages.

An explosive Single Player option will run alongside cooperative multiplayer – with Couch play included – as the console version of Door Kickers will see the inclusion of a variety of extra missions and added content upon release. Don’t worry if you’re playing through things on PC (Steam) though, you’ll get those added too.

Should that sound like something you want to involved yourself in, and are attending GDC next week, then it may well be worth you paying the Microsoft booth a visit, where you’ll be able to take in some of the most intense situations they game has to give – namely Hostage Rescue, Bomb Defusal and some Zombie Invasion.

“From day one we designed Action Squad around the old school, shared screen coop experience that we had in our youth and wanted to recreate to maximum effect for our players. It all falls into place so that you will have lots of fun in single player but are always able to bring over a friend and continue playing together, trying tactics and ideas or just improvising on the fly. And it comes as no surprise that at Gamescom, PAX and wherever we’ve shown our game – people would come over and urge us to get it out on their consoles. It’s a natural fit and the game plays best on a controller.” says Dan Dimitrescu, the game designer mastermind @ KillHouse Games and veteran of ancient coop battles circa 1990.

We’ll be sure to bring you more info on this madcap old school experience as and when we can. For now though, give that trailer below a little watch.

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