fifa 14 fut world cup pic 1

It was promised, and then it was pulled, but the FIFA 14 World Cup update is now available.

Bringing the Brazilian carnival atmosphere to FIFA 14 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One (as well as all other formats), you can grab the update by simply firing up the game and navigating your way over to World Cup action. You will however need to download and install a 550MB game update first so make sure you leave plenty of time for that to do its thing!

You’ll find the new World Cup mode in there and whilst the UT side of things is currently down on Xbox, the rest of it works a treat.

It will feature players from all 32 teams taking part in the 2014 Brazil World Cup plus you could get the official match ball and Rio based stadium in packs. Speaking of packs, every one you open in this special mode contains a redeemable gold pack for normal UT. Of course it would be much of a World Cup mode without the ability to play in the tournament itself both online and offline. See for yourself in the video below…




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