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Gioteck TX70 Headset Review – Can you use a PlayStation headset on Xbox?


Gioteck are well-known in the gaming industry, mostly for relatively cheap, pretty cheerful gaming accessories. They’ve got the rather neat little AC2 Ammo Clip Charging Dock for instance, keeping gamers playing into the wee hours. They’ve got the TX50 headset as well; a low cost alternative for those just bothered about keeping the audio piling into their ears. But they’ve also got the slightly more expensive TX70 headset to go alongside that one. The problem is, it’s branded for PS4 and PC. Does that mean we can’t use it with our beloved Xbox console?

Well no, it doesn’t, as even though the Gioteck TX70 is a wireless headset when used for PlayStation, it can also be utilised across multiple formats via a detachable 3.5mm cable. By simply plugging the cable into the headset, and then the other end into your Xbox controller (or mobile phone or Nintendo Switch for that matter), the TX70 could well be a viable multi-format product. 

gioteck tx70 headset 1

The main draw of the TX70 is quite obviously in its wireless capabilities, powered by and connected via an included USB-A wireless transmitter. Running with 2.4GHz wireless RF built in, and a 15 hour battery life promised, if you’re a player who has access to a PS4, a PS4 Slim, a PS4 Pro or a PC, you’re pretty much sorted with this sub-£50 unit. We’d guess that there’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t use it with a PlayStation 5 too. 

It’s not a bad little headset either. All black in colour, with just the finest of blue hues detailed at the top of the earcups, this is a very understated unit. In fact, unless you really train your eye on the Gioteck TX70 logos that go under the radar in the black on black stylings, you’d be hard pressed to ever realise who created, and which model, this headset was. 

The TX70 is all pretty well-designed too – at least for the price. Black plastic is the overriding feel, and the wide headband emphasises this. Thankfully there’s a ton of padding on the underside of this headband, so much so that it’s easily one of the squishiest headbands we’ve used in recent times. Other manufacturers should certainly take note here. 

Moving down to the sides and we’re met with the usual adjustability in the sizing of the TX70, with a very stiff, yet expandable headband allowing this to fit any size head. The plastic feel merges into the earcups too, and with these fully rotatable, sitting the headset around your neck in downtime is certainly doable. In fact, it feels quite nice sitting around the neck. 

gioteck tx70 headset 2

The cups themselves are standard Gioteck TX series fare. Diamond in shape with a decent amount of padding, they aren’t the best fit but do just about get the job done. Perhaps it’s a personal thing but we much prefer oval or round cups as opposed to what Gioteck deliver. And inside those cups are a pair of 50mm drivers which deliver loud sound, covered with ‘athletic’ mesh – although we’re not sure what is particularly athletic about it. Again, the drivers included here aren’t the best in terms of audio quality, but once more they get the job done for anyone who is not the most finicky of audiophiles. You can certainly find crisper sounding, more rich units out there, even for just a few quid more than what Gioteck are delivering the TX70 to market for. But it is what it is and for less than £50 in cash, you’ve occasionally got to be realistic in what you are getting for your money. 

Keeping with the cups and whilst the right is bereft of any buttons or wizardry, the left is chock full with ideas. There’s a volume switch which lets you power up or down your sounds as you see fit, an EQ button for slightly finer detail, a power button (obvs!), a micro-USB charging port (and yes, there is a cable included in the box for this), and that all-important 3.5mm audio connection. 

It’s this which is the most valuable addition to the entire headset, especially for us Xbox owners looking to be cheeky with the TX70. Without it, this headset would be next to useless for anyone without a PlayStation or PC, but with it, the opportunities open up. At least to an extent because using this headset on Xbox means you are totally at the beck and call of the audio settings menu on your console; none of the buttons on the headset work when using the 3.5mm cable. Honestly, that in itself is a right palava and enough to put anyone off.

There’s also a flip-to-mute mic included on that left earcup and honestly, once again, much like the rest of the TX70, this does the job without any fuss, bells or whistles. It’s nice that this does work with Xbox, letting you keep comms tight whenever you are in the heat of a battle. However there is a ton of echo present whenever you attempt to bring together a party and for that reason you shouldn’t expect to use this if you’re attempting to replicate the pro esports scene.

gioteck tx70 headset 3

As a whole, all this comes together to ensure that the Gioteck TX70 is a fairly decent little headset, especially should the purchaser be on a budget. If that’s the case, and you’ve got a PlayStation or PC as your primary gaming device, then it’s probably just about worth consideration of this headset. Hell, even if you are a multiformat player, with Xbox kicking around as a secondary unit, the availability of audio through the wired connection possibly continues to keep it on the wishlist, particularly if you’re more a solo gamer than a team player.

If however you are exclusively tied into the Xbox eco-system, there are much better options out there. But then, that’s probably to be expected for a PlayStation branded headset. Isn’t it?

Huge thanks go out to Gioteck for providing us with their TX70 Headset for unboxing and use. If you wish to pick up the headset for yourself, head on over to Argos

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