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Gioteck TX50 Premium Stereo Gaming Headset Review


Sit and look at the Gioteck TX50 Premium Stereo Gaming Headset from a slight distance and you’ll no doubt think that what Gioteck have created is something more suited for the lower end of the gaming accessories – big, chunky and plastic. Get closer and take in the intricate details and your thoughts may change. At least initially. 

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The Gioteck TX50 is sold as a premium gaming headset, one that sees you being able to take home a product that is superb value for money. They’d be right too, as this is something that belies its tactile finish, a headset that is most certainly capable of holding a place much higher than its £30 asking price. It’s not the best headset I’ve used over the years, and it’s certainly not the worst, but if you’re looking for something that isn’t going to break the bank, but can be used to help immerse you into your gaming sessions just a little more than before, it’s worth checking out. 

From the get-go it’s the black and green rubberised finish of the TX50 which sees this headset stand out from the crowd. Soft to touch, and complemented well by a host of alcantara cushioning, if you were buying a headset on feel alone, this would be up there with some of the best options. Yes, it’s still very plasticky, but at 335 grams it feels good to hold. That’s helped by the soft touch nature of the materials used, especially in terms of that cushioning. This is plentiful on the underside of the reinforced headband with some of the largest, most cushioned pads I’ve seen on any gaming headset. It allows the TX50 to be worn for lengthy periods of time with little discomfort to the top of your head, fitting particularly well thanks to the adjustable headband and slight movement allowed in the cups. 

The outer finish of the entire headset is of a soft touch rubber, with external steel grills detailing the diamond-shaped cups. I’ll be honest though, it’s here where the TX50 kind of lets itself down and the shape of these cups lend to more of a sitting ‘on’ the ears instead of providing any form of casement. Yes they look cool, but I much prefer headsets that cover my ears entirely, and whilst others will happily do with on-ear options, it’s not my preference. 

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Thankfully you’ll find that alcantara cushioning also making its way onto the ear cushions themselves, and these feel great, albeit lacking slightly in depth. It’s a shame really as this means that in use the 50mm internal drivers of the TX50 are basically thrust right up to your ears, something which isn’t the most comfortable of sensations. A bit more squish here to add depth to the cups would have been great. 

The 50mm drivers found inside are decent enough though. They get loud – much louder than you will ever really need – but are quite bass-heavy. I’d normally not have too much of an issue with this as the deeper the bass, the better, but it does mean that some of the finer details of the soundscape being provided by the most enticing games get lost a bit. It’s absolutely fine for the likes of a driving game where you’re just listening out for a gear change, but in the delicate arena of Immortals Fenyx Rising for instance – a game in which audio cues are a huge part of the experience – it all becomes a bit too much. With very little adjustment allowed other than in terms of volume level, it’s a bit of a shame. Granted, I may have been spoilt with that of the EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 602 or SteelSeries Arctis 7X – headsets which are much more expensive than the TX50 – in recent times but I’m looking for more in audio clarity, even from a headset as cheap as this is to purchase. 

If you’re fine with the pound of bass then you’ll discover that the Gioteck TX50 is just about capable of covering your everyday needs, especially as the rubber finish lets you throw it around your gaming cave without too much worry. I should think you’d struggle to break it in a hurry. 

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There’s a braided cable permanently attached too, and this comes with an inline volume control that happily adjusts overall game sound. It’s basic, but it does the job of it, and with the inclusion of a tactile quick mute switch on here – a mute switch which I adore by the way – party chat and team comms are sorted too. In fact, the TX50 does alright in terms of getting your voice communicated around the battlefields of the online world, with a flip-down mic consistently placed on the left ear cup. A permanent option is always better than one that can be removed – and lost – and even though this feels a little flimsy, and I’d be a little worried for super long-term use, it’s up to the job in regards to voice deliverance. With it being highly flexible it’s fairly easy to keep it at the optimum position for clear comms too. 

For less than half the price of a brand new triple-A game, the Gioteck TX50 Premium Stereo Gaming Headset is a multi-platform gaming headset worth a little consideration. I wouldn’t go using it as my everyday Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S driver and would prefer to splash the cash on something a little more feature-rich and sound deep, but it’s really hard to push that cheap price point out of your head. Should you be in the market for something to drop on your head every once in a while, don’t mind some bass-heavy audio, are drawn by the multi-platform capabilities (if it uses a 3.5mm jack, you’re in luck here) and aren’t planning on using it for multiple hours straight, it will do the job intended. In fact, it belies that low asking price considerably. 

Massive thanks go out to Gioteck for providing the TX50 for unboxing and full review. If you wish to pick up the headset for yourself, check out Gioteck direct. You’ll also find the headset listed on Amazon and Argos

Unboxing and first look at the Gioteck TX50 Premium Stereo Gaming Headset

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