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Looking to be able to get one-up on your foes in the first person competitive PvP bounty hunting fight that is known as Hunt Showdown? The latest DLC for the game brings in An Unlikely Pair of new characters. 

Available to purchase and download into your Hunt Showdown game this minute are a couple of new group members just begging for a ruckus – Ronin and The Trickshooter. 

It’s been a little while since we saw the Crytek team push any form of content out for Hunt Showdown – in fact it was way back in October when we took in the chance to live by the blade – but that doesn’t mean they are down with their take on bounty hunting. 

Ronin and The Trickshooter both bring new options to the table, mostly in the form of the Hunter themselves, and a new bit of weaponry. Each individual DLC drop will set you back £5.79 and should you prefer the way of Ronin will discover access to The Ronin character, The Tanto blade and the Seinan Sharpshooter as two new weapons; the latter of which is well known as being one of the most advanced weapons of its time. 

Sitting alongside Ronin though is The Trickshooter – William Carter. It is he who will come to the fight with humour in tow, along with one of the most fearsome shots you can imagine. This is helped by the fact that he comes equipped with the Bear’s Leg and Carter’s Quickshot as two awesome weapon options. 

Now, you may be wondering whether the £5.79 asking price for each new character is worthy of your time, and honestly, only you can decide that – if you’re an avid Hunt Showdown player, or just drop in every now and then in the hope you can improve your skills, they are probably worth consideration. 

But in our eyes there’s a better way to enjoy both Ronin and The Trickshooter and that is by picking up the An Unlikely Pair bundle. This will set you back £8.39, but does include both of the previously mentioned DLC drops as one. You’re basically buying one and getting the other for half price – something which shouldn’t be sniffed at. 

Obviously you’ll need the base game of Hunt Showdown in place prior to even thinking about taking home these DLC drops. As always, let us know in the comments if these are something you’ll add in to your game. 

Ronin Description:

  • The Tanto – The Ronin has worn this blade since the day of his oath. During his travels across land and sea, it has been a loyal companion – as keen for fresh blood as its carrier. 
  • Seinan Sharpshooter – The Ronin briefly fought with the last samurai during the Seinan War, pledging himself to Saigō Takamori. There, he gained notoriety for his deadly use of his Springfield 1866, one of the most advanced weapons on the field. 
  • The Ronin – Inuta Bakin had barely sworn his oath of allegiance before the Tokugawa shogunate was disposed. Without a master, he has wandered further than most Ronin, seeking the power to take revenge. Something of a traditionalist, he dresses and fights in a style stretching back centuries, but still effective: his leering Oni mask has been the last sight of many to fall in the bayou.

The Trickshooter Description:

  • Carter – William Carter was a sharpshooter, and the inventor of many a curious new attraction for the Wild West Shows he starred in. Ever the showman, he fictionalized most of his life story, and though no one knows his true origins two things are clear: he’s a fearsome shot with an extravagant sense of humor – and adventure.
  • Bear’s Leg – This Winfield M1873C Vandal Deadeye played center stage in Carter’s show. He dazzled the crowd, cocking it with extravagant spins, the stage lights glinting on the pearlescent lens and gold-inlay bear.
  • Carter’s Quickshot – Gifted to the sharpshooter William Carter, this personalized Specter is ideal for pulling off fast shooting sequences to dazzle spectators and intimidate foes.
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