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Green Day and Weezer bring 2 new tracks to Rock Band 4

green day
green day

The start of any new year is an exciting time for many, especially those gamers looking for new content, and it is no different with the arrival of 2020. Thankfully though, as te new year kicks in, those found frequenting the musical melodies of Rock Band 4 now have more reason to drop back in and get the band back together with the arrival of two new tracks – with Green Day and Weezer providing the goods. 

Available to add into your digital library right now, accessed through the base Rock Band 4 game and ensuring that your evenings go with a bang, are two new DLC offerings for the game. And if you’re a fan of either Green Day or Weezer, will no doubt love what you find. 

In place are the following…

Running at a price point of £1.69 each, you’re not going to find these newest Rock Band 4 content drops breaking any bank.  

With both bands still well in the public eye, after taking home some serious credit over the last couple of decades, if it’s pop-punk that you just love then Green Day will certainly scratch the itch, whilst California’s finest rockers will just as easily have an impact should what Weezer create be your preferred music style. Okay, so we can’t sit here and pretend that these are the very biggest of tunes that either band have created, but they are still well worth a listen, and that means they are well worth a download and play. 

All you need to really worry about in terms of these two Rock Band 4 tunes are however the fact that you’ve got a copy of the latest base game to hand, before heading on over to either the Xbox Store either you’re an Xbox One gamer, or the PlayStation Store for those preferring the PlayStation way of life. Each of the digital offerings will enable the required access. 

Of course, should neither Green Day or Weezer be to your liking, but you still fancy adding some musical goodness to your game, then hitting up the rather hefty old back catalogue of DLC additions will certainly see you finding something of interest.