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In need of quick and easy Gamerscore on Xbox Series X? These games from November 2020 will sort you out…


Any console gamer worth their salt already had November penned in their calendars as the month Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S would be releasing. For those who may be new to the Xbox family, firstly, welcome! And if you are, and you are looking for easy Gamerscore and simple to nab achievements, here are our picks of the best from the Xbox games released in November 2020 – one hell of a busy month.

Poker Club – 20G – Pro Creation

poker club

Not going to lie here, this game isn’t the best on this month’s list by a long way, but it does have a very witty achievement name, which is why it is first on our list.

Poker Club is one of two gambling-focussed games releasing on Xbox within days of each other; this and the free-to-play The Four Kings Casino and Slots. Unlike The Four Kings, Poker Club is optimised for Xbox Series X|S and makes that factor its main selling point.

To really drive that home, before you can even sit at a table to play a few hands, you need to create your own poker player. Choose from the various faces, body types and limited wardrobe options (until you unlock more that is), and then head to the tables. Or you could skip all that and simply press Y for an easy 20G and the Pro Creation cheevo. Either way, however long you spend creating your avatar, hitting that Y button grants you the achievement.

Sig.NULL – 2 for 100G – Not Implemented and Reset Content


These next two achievements could not be any simpler. Seriously, one button press for each is all that is required. I could tell you them now, but there is a certain word count quota I need to reach, so keep reading. Please.

Sig.NULL is a puzzle game where you must push blocks to their designated places. We have all played a game like this at some point, but did you know that it has its own name? It is called a sokoban game, after the original game to utilise this sub-genre. Every day is a school day!

As with these game types though, you are likely to make the odd mistake or two and may be required to restart a level or undo a previous move. To restart a level, simply press the Y button, whereas the X button undoes the last move.

Oh, and each of these actions awards 50G each. By all accounts, the rest of the achievement list is almost as easy as this, so for Gamerscore hunters, this would be a good investment.

Five Dates – 3 for 175G – All Set Up, Digital Casanova and Hold My Beer

five dates

There was a time when the coronavirus first really took hold, and many countries were placed into lockdown, that gamers were worried of huge delays to their most anticipated games. And yet here now, is a game based around dating during lockdown – conceived, written, created and released within an extraordinarily quick amount of time. Props indeed to Wales Interactive for this impressive feat.

Five Dates is the result and is a rom-com designed around dating in 2020, where video dating has been the norm for many singletons this year. It also has easy achievements.

First up is All Set Up, which awards a huge 100G for setting up your online dating profile. Select a picture, your profession, interests and astrological sign and watch the achievement pop up. You then need to pick your date based off the profiles given to you; find your perfect match and you unlock Digital Casanova and another easy 50G. Finally, when the first date night arrives, you have the option for a bit of Dutch courage; choose to have a drink before your date for 25G and the Hold My Beer achievement. That’s 175G and by this point you haven’t even had a date; if only real-life dating was as rewarding!

Just Dance 2021 – 2 for 30G – Welcome to Just Dance 2021 and Solid Gold Performance

just dance 2021
just dance 202

I have this next double achievement on good authority that it is easy enough for even people that have no rhythm. This is coming from my editor; a man that I have never seen dance, but if it is anything like his wardrobe, it’s completely lacking any rhythm or style.

Just Dance 2021 is the latest annual instalment from Ubisoft, who are having a busy end to 2020. Interestingly though, Just Dance 2021 features separate achievement lists depending on whether you play on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, so this doubler just became a quadrupler!

The first achievement is guaranteed; Welcome to Just Dance 2021 is a 15G achievement awarded simply for completing your first song. Complete it to a high standard and you will unlock Solid Gold Performance for another 15G. I haven’t been able to test how easy this is, nor do I want to, but word is it’s pretty simple.

Let’s Sing 2021 – 25G – Early Evening

Let's Sing 2021

Another achievement I have had to take on good authority yet have no intention from finding out for myself is in Let’s Sing 2021. The description I received for this one, and I quote: “You could fart into your microphone and still get this one.”

I wouldn’t advise this – particularly considering you can use your smartphones as mics in Let’s Sing – but it does sound pretty easy, even for the tone deaf out there. Simply get one bronze record on a song to unlock an easy 25G.

FUSER – 3 for 30G – This Will Make a Good Story Later, Synergize! and You Have Arrived

fuser xbox

We like achievements awarded for completing tutorials, but how about three achievements for doing so? Step up: FUSER.

The third music-based game on our list, FUSER doesn’t require you to sing or dance for your supper. Instead, FUSER allows you to become a superstar DJ by mixing and remixing songs together. Understandably then, a tutorial is needed.

Firstly, is Synergize for 10G. Here you must tailor your system to your liking for the optimal experience. As it is down to personal preference, how you do this is up to you. Then, once you start adding songs to create a mix, take a picture for This Will Make a Good Story Later and another 10G. All this and more is explained during the tutorial; finish this off and unlock a final 10G for You Have Arrived.

50 Years – 100G for One of Five Choices

50 Years

This one is an easy achievement but isn’t the easiest to explain.

50 Years itself is a fast-paced, turn-based game that offers a shorter alternative to traditional strategy games; everything can be won or lost in a single evening.

Around ten turns into a game, you will unlock a Belief; essentially a perk to aid you. Depending on which faith you choose to put your Belief in will award a different achievement. There are five faiths to choose from, so five different achievements each worth 100G. Our tip would be to work through them sequentially, picking a faith, making a note, starting again and choosing a different faith. This whole process takes less than ten minutes for 500G. The five faiths are: Temple of Defenders, Pantheon of Fat Chickens, Equality Church, Legends of the Miners and Legends of the Forest. Use this list as a checklist to ensure there are no repeat faiths.

Dark Sauce – 2 for 148G – Flying Porkman and I’m Sure I’m Invisible

dark sauce xbox

We end this month’s list with one of those filthy achievements that don’t end in a 5 or 0, but we’ve combined it with a 100G achievement to sweeten that bitter aftertaste.

Dark Sauce on Xbox is a side-scrolling platforming game where you guide a pig through 3D voxel worlds. But Dark Sauce doesn’t give this little piggy any additional abilities to unlock as you progress; you are just an unfortunate swine trying to escape the dungeon.

It’s another easy achievement list but we’ll focus on two achievements that can be unlocked straight away. The first achievement is worth 48G *shudders* and is for literally not moving. Stand still until the achievement pops for I’m Sure I’m Invisible. Then follow this up with jumping 72 times. This will then unlock Flying Porkman for 100G. It’s not quite 150G, but it is still a healthy addition.

And that’s our list for November and some of the easiest, most simple Gamerscore and achievements from the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S games released in the month! We were initially expecting plenty of AAA action this month with the launch of new consoles, but we still have a list of great games and easy achievements. Stay tuned for next month’s list where hopefully we will have a few festive ones to bring in the Christmas spirit!

Richard Dobson
Richard Dobson
Avid gamer since the days of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Grew up with the PS1 and PS2 but changed allegiances in 2007 with the release of Halo 3.
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