Not sure if you realised but Halloween is fast approaching. As is the case every single year, numerous games will be treated to some extra special Halloween content for a few weeks either side of the big day – For Honor is no different.

Ubisoft are getting in on the Halloween action by running a special seasonal event for For Honor. Feast of the Otherworld will run across all platforms from October 19th to November 2nd 2017, bringing a haunting variation of the 4v4 Dominion mode, where skeletons have taken over the battlefield. You will also be able to collect exclusive Halloween-themed cosmetics during the event, including mood effects, emotes and ornaments.

The Endless March mode will introduce a new set of rules for the 4v4 Dominion mode, as it challenges players to adapt their strategies to take down the opposing team. Not only will soldiers appear as skeletons and deal brutal damage, but the conquering of zones will only yield temporary points, with the only sources of permanent points available from the killing of soldiers and enemy players. As with Dominion, players must reach 1000 points and defeat all four enemy players in order to win the game.

The Feast of the Otherworld will also bring a selection of new Halloween-themed rewards. Customisation of Heroes with new mythic outfits that include all-new masks, will allow players to transform into ghoulish versions of themselves. Additional For Honor weekly content released during this time will have a special Halloween flavour to celebrate the limited-time event.

Running for just a couple of weeks, the Feast of the Otherworld will most definitely be something regular For Honor players should get involved in. For anyone else, it may well be worth checking out our review of the game, and then follow that up by hitting up the trailer below.


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