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October is here and the latest Games With Gold title is now free to download.

Available for all Xbox Live Gold members, Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes has been stripped of it’s usual price tag and will remain free to download until the 15th October. After that date, Halo 3 will take over the free mantle until the end of October.

Might & Magic Clash of Heroes can be downloaded right now from the Xbox Games Store or direct on your Xbox 360 console.

Game description:

The award-winning Might & Magic Clash of Heroes is now on XBLA! Live the epic adventure of 5 young Heroes leading their armies to save the world of Might & Magic. Discover a unique mix of RPG and puzzle battle mechanics and experience brand new online and local battle modes for up to 4 players. – Enjoy a 20 hour campaign in the rich Might & Magic universe and learn devastating combos! – Master 10 Faction heroes and spells, 40 creatures with unique abilities and more than 50 artifacts. – Challenge your friends online or offline, in 1 vs 1 or in the brand new 2 vs 2 cooperative mode. – Grow from young hero to fully fledged champion in the exclusive online ranked battle modes. “Clash Of Heroes HD demands your immediate and undivided attention.” – 9/10 Eurogamer.net



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