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More AI crapware and easy Gamerscore? Beautiful Sakura: Volleyball Club launches on Xbox


beautiful sakura volleyball club
Beautiful Sakura: Volleyball Club is on Xbox

Want some cheap and easy Gamerscore and aren’t fussed about how you get it. You’ll probably be the only one in the world happy to see Beautiful Sakura: Volleyball Club launching on Xbox. 

Back in September of 2023, we were treated to the visual delights of Beautiful Sakura: Surfing Club as it released onto Xbox. But there was no surfing club. We never met Sakura. And it really wasn’t as beautiful as it should have been. In fact, it was an absolutely cynical release; an ‘experience’ that did nothing but drag £10 out of the pockets of gamers, gifting the quickest and easiest Gamerscore hits. In fact, it was the ‘standout’ game on our worst Xbox games of 2023 video.

The Beautiful Sakura: Volleyball Club awaits

Here were are again though and this time we discover Beautiful Sakura: Volleyball Club launching on Xbox. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Available right now as the latest from the Cropware team is something that we can only describe as shocking. We’ll follow with more words of that type in our full review of Beautiful Sakura: Volleyball Club, but after slapping a 0.5/5 review score (yes, half a point) on the successor that came in the form of Beautiful Sakura: Surfing Club, our expectations for this one are at an all-time low. 

Priced at £9.99, Beautiful Sakura: Volleyball Club is a visual novel that focuses on Kaito. He is a young guy looking to explore new hobbies. It’s here where he finds himself slapbang in the middle of a volleyball court, along with a couple of old friends – Michiko and Yuuki. We wonder where that friendship is leading… 

More rubbish we suspect

As is standard for most visual novel gaming experiences, things take a turn, memories are gathered up and plots twist, all as Beautiful Sakura: Volleyball Club plays out. The question is, will you want Beautiful Sakura: Volleyball Club to play out?

We’re not sure. And the previous release of Cropware’s Beautiful Sakura: Surfing Club certainly doesn’t make us excited for what is on offer. Instead we’re expecting a poor story accompanied by ‘visuals’ – we’ll let you add whatever you want to that. 

Optimised for Xbox Series X|S and available to ‘play’ on Xbox One too, if you must spend £9.99 of your hard earned cash, then head to the Xbox Store and download Beautiful Sakura: Volleyball Club

Just don’t say we haven’t warned you, but get into the comments if you must. We’d love to hear your thoughts surrounding this one. We bet you don’t even get to see a game of volleyball…

Beautiful Sakura: Volleyball Club Game Description

Kaito, a determined and amiable young man, decides to explore new hobbies after completing high school. He stumbles upon a volleyball court and soon discovers his innate talent for the sport. As he joins a local volleyball club, he is reintroduced to two old friends, Michiko and Yuuki, who used to share a tight-knit friendship with him.

The story takes a turn when Kaito learns that both Michiko and Yuuki are members of the same volleyball team. As the trio reconnects and reminisces about the past, Kaito finds himself torn between the three girls, each representing a different path he could take. The plot thickens when a captivating and skilled new teammate, Hikari, joins the team, adding an unexpected twist to the dynamics.

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