It’s only been out for a week but already we are seeing Warriors Orochi 4 players being asked to stump up even more cash as new Scenarios, Challenges, BGM additions and Sacred Treasures arrive for purchase.

It may have taken 5 years for Warriors Orochi 4 to rock up into our lives, but it seems like now it is here there is going to be no stopping the juggernaut from dropping various content packs as we go forward. That all starts today as four new packs arrive for Warriors Orochi 4 players to purchase, bringing opportunities to get yourself involved in new Scenarios, a few Challenge modes, the chance to listen in on some BGM additions and 16 Sacred Treasures for one discounted price.

The Xbox Store currently holds these packs in its vault, ready for any Warriors 4 players to purchase and download if they so wish. With a pricing structure seeing anything from £3.99 to £9.59 needing to be spent, it’s not like any banks will be broken, but similarly, just one week out from the release of the £54.99 base game, it could well be a hit many were not expecting.

If you wish to get involved then each pack contains the following:

Scenario Pack – £6.39:

A pack that allows you to obtain 10 scenarios for WARRIORS OROCHI 4 at a discounted price. ■Content ・10 Scenarios ▼Release dates ○Available October 25th, 2018 (tentative) Scenario “The Bonds that Binds Us” Scenario “That Which We Desire” Scenario “The Interdimensional Genpei War” Scenario “How to Become a Good Wife” Scenario “Crack a Smile” ○Available November 29th, 2018 (tentative) Scenario “Zeus’s Judgment” Scenario “Oust the Archvillains” Scenario “Battle for the Wine of the Gods” Scenario “Battle for the Bracelet” Scenario “All-out War! DW Vs. SW”

BGM Pack – £6.39:

A pack that allows you to obtain 10 pieces of BGM for WARRIORS OROCHI 4 at a discounted price. ■Content ・10 pieces of BGM ▼Release dates ○Available October 25th, 2018 (tentative) BGM “AVENGING BATTLE -TRINITY MIX-” BGM “ORIENTAL RUSH -TRINITY MIX-” BGM “Anegawa -TRINITY MIX-” BGM “INCARNATION OF EVIL -TRINITY MIX-” BGM “IT’S SAW SQUARED” ○Available November 29th, 2018 (tentative) BGM “CYCLONIZED TYPHOON -TRINITY MIX-” BGM “Cherry Blossoms -TRINITY MIX-” BGM “Petals in the Wind -TRINITY MIX-” BGM “HALF LINE -TRINITY MIX-” BGM “INTERWINDS”

Sacred Treasures Pack – £9.59:

A pack that allows you to obtain 16 sacred treasures for WARRIORS OROCHI 4 at a discounted price. ■Content ・16 Sacred Treasures ▼Release dates ○Available October 25th, 2018 (tentative) Sacred Treasure “α Caduceus” Sacred Treasure “Nemea’s Lion” Sacred Treasure “Lumen Talaria” Sacred Treasure “α Trident” Sacred Treasure “Hades – Harpe” Sacred Treasure “Yr – Mjölnir” Sacred Treasure “Ω Lævateinn” Sacred Treasure “Golden Pestle ” ○Available November 29th, 2018 (tentative) Sacred Treasure “Moon – Artemis” Sacred Treasure “Slidrugtanne” Sacred Treasure “Is Gleipnir” Sacred Treasure “Cocytus” Sacred Treasure “Vita – Nectar” Sacred Treasure “Hagalaz” Sacred Treasure “Futsu-no-Tsurugi” Sacred Treasure “Vortex Taijitu”

Challenge Modes – £3.99:

The Challenge Mode scenarios “Rampage” and “Bridge Melee” will be added. Enjoy playing a new mode of gameplay. ■Content A mode is added in which you can record high scores under a variety of rules. With “Rampage”, you compete to defeat as many enemies as you can within the time limit. With “Bridge Melee”, you compete to knock off the stage as many enemies as you can within the time limit. Also, new weapons and weapon elements that can only be obtained in the challenge mode will appear. For both “Rampage” and “Bridge Melee”, such items can be obtained my achieving pre-determined scores. Note: “Rampage” is available for play by applying this content. Note: “Bridge Melee” will be available for play on November 29th, 2018 (tentative) by applying an update. ■How to use You can play the scenarios by selecting “Challenge Mode” from the main menu.

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