The team at Numskull Designs have barely had chance to catch their breath after their recent Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled launch, but here they are again with another announcement for upcoming looter-shooter Borderlands 3. This range may even feature more loot than the actual game does!

There are the usual mugs, keyrings, pins, snapback hats and socks in the range, but there are also a few, quirkier additions.

Firstly, the – quite frankly – massive incense burner. Featuring ‘The Rampager’, a new enemy for the series, this statue stands at an impressive 377mm tall, with a width almost the same! As with their previous incense burners, these look great on any shelf, but pop an incense cone inside The Rampager and watch it come to life, smoke billowing out of its’ mouth. Just make sure you leave enough room for it!


If you fancy a figurine but something a bit smaller, then there are two to choose from: returning characters Tiny Tina and Lilith. These impressive figurines have been modelled from in-game scans, featuring the Borderlands logo on their base in case there was any confusion. They also come in a window box packaging meaning you can have them on display without ever needing to take them out of their box!

numskulls Borderlands-Lilith-Figure

For something a bit more practical but still display-worthy, there is MOXXXIs Bar set. This display features a mock-up of MOXXXIs bar, but also doubles as storage for four shot glasses all emblazoned with MOXXXIs logo. Whilst the game won’t feature 4-player local co-op for a shot each, it will have 2-player; you’ll just need to find someone who doesn’t mind twice the amount.

Also, in this set though is a metal bar blade bottle opener and four silicone coasters, this time depicting Mad Moxxi herself.

numskulls borderlands 3 moxxis bar

And now for something completely different: Rubber ducks. Specifically, rubber ducks in the style of your favourite Borderlands characters. Tiny Tina, Lilith, Mad Moxxi and the classic Psycho have all been transformed into rubber ducks for this next piece of merch. Whether you decide to display them or bathe with them, that’s entirely up to you.

numskull borderlands ducks

These are just a few of our favourite picks from this hefty merch range, but the entire list is below:

  • Official Borderlands 3 Echo Messenger Bag
  • Official Borderlands 3 Psycho Bottle Opener & Magnet Set
  • Official Borderlands 3 Tiny Tina metal Badge Mug (11oz)
  • Official Borderlands 3 Tiny Tina Metal Badge Mug (20oz)
  • Official Borderlands 3 Tiny Tina Snapback
  • Official Borderlands 3 The Rampager Incense Burner
  • Official Borderlands 3 Vault 3D Keychain
  • Official Borderlands 3 MOXXI Bar Set
  • Official Borderlands 3 Full Size Rabbit Plushie
  • Official Borderlands 3 Psycho Plush Keychain
  • Official Borderlands 3 Claptrap Plush Keychain
  • Official Borderlands 3 Small Rabbit Plush Keychain
  • Official Borderlands 3 Tiny Tina Socks
  • Official Borderlands 3 Tiny Tina Figurine
  • Official Borderlands 3 Lilith Figurine
  • Official Borderlands 3 Psycho Duck Character Figurine
  • Official Borderlands 3 Lillith Duck Character Figurine
  • Official Borderlands 3 Moxxi Duck Character Figurine
  • Official Borderlands 3 Tina Duck Character Figurine
  • Official Borderlands 3 Tyreen Snapback
  • Official Borderlands 3 Tyreen Socks
  • Official Borderlands 3 Troy Wallet
  • Official Borderlands 3 Troy Snapback
  • Official Borderlands 3 Troy Socks
  • Official Borderlands 3 Tiny Tina Purse
  • Official Borderlands 3 Golden Keychain
  • Official Borderlands 3 Tin Scented Candle
  • Official Borderlands 3 Collector’s Pin Set
  • Official Borderlands 3 Psycho Heat Changing mug
  • Official Borderlands 3 MOXXI Steel Mug

As with usual Numskull launches, all this is available to pre-order right now, and is due to be shipped out in time for when the game launches on 13th September! This can be done right here.

There is no doubt that this is an impressive selection of loot, but which one is your favourite, let us know in the comments below.

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