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Palindrome Syndrome: Escape Room opens up on Xbox

palindrome syndrome escape room

Twitching at the sheer thought of another escape room arriving on Xbox? Palindrome Syndrome: Escape Room is here to test your resolve, over and over again. 

Hot on the heels of gaming’s most current genre locking players away in the likes of Escape Academy, NEScape! and The Experiment: Escape Room, comes another trap – Palindrome Syndrome: Escape Room. 

Downloadable and playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S from today, Palindrome Syndrome: Escape Room will set you back a mere £7.99 in cash terms, but a whole lot more in brain capacity, as you are left to work through the puzzles found within, trying as hard as you can to escape a sci-fi world in the best possible way. 

As you’d expect to hear, in Palindrome Syndrome: Escape Room you find yourself locked away, awoken in a spaceship with no memory of who you are, what you are doing there, or what you need to do to get out. And then the puzzles kick in, working your skills as you decode secrets, discover hidden objects and take in the confines of this desolate ship. 

Should you be at all familiar with the escape room scene and how it has slowly and surely emerged in recent months, then you should be fine with what is on offer here in Palindrome Syndrome: Escape Room. Whether it has enough about it to go toe-to-toe with the genre leader – in our eyes, Escape Academy – is up for debate, but we may well be able to divulge more once our full review process is underway. 

Until that time, if any form of temptation hits, then you’ll find the download of Palindrome Syndrome: Escape Room on Xbox over at the Xbox Store. Be aware, pay it a visit and you may never escape…

Game Description:

You wake up in a spaceship with no memories. Will you be able to discover how you got there and who you are? Palindrome Syndrome is an escape room in a sci-fi setting that will test your skills. Solve puzzles, decode secret codes, find hidden objects and investigate the different rooms of the spaceship while you discover the events that led you there. Solve this mystery exploring each of the rooms in which this adventure takes place. Will you be able to escape?

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