After originally arriving as a PC exclusive, XCOM 2 is now coming to Xbox One. Fancy getting your pre-order and pre-download in?

If you visit the Xbox One Games Store now, you’ll find a couple of options open to all XCOM fans.

There is the standard game, that comes complete with the full game and, well, nothing else, or you can decide to go deep with the digital deluxe version, bringing the game (obviously) and the XCOM 2 Reinforcement Pack – something which brings three themed add-ons and lets you twist up the core game a little.

The pricing structure is as follows but just remember, whilst you can get the pre-order in and download the game now, you won’t be able to play it until a minute past midnight on day of release – that’s the 9th Sept 2016.

Standard Edition – £44.99

Digital Deluxe Edition – £56.99

Get over to the Xbox One Games Store and grab your pre-order.

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