In the past year tons of games have arrived on Xbox One, seeing heaps of content and support rained down for the fans. But whilst many of them are now starting to dry up, one game still going strong is Hitman.

Whilst the early adopters of Agent 47’s adventures have been enjoying each episode upon release, those looking for the complete collection all in one place have had to wait, but with the episodic content of Season 1 coming to an end, and the physical disc release hitting shelves on January 31st, it seems IO Interactive still have one more addition to bring to fans to ensure Season 1 ends with a bang for both newcomers and early birds alike.

As part of the free January update that will arrive alongside the disc launch on January 31st, is the new and much tougher difficulty level, Professional. Professional difficulty will offer an incredibly tough challenge for players. With the new difficulty comes new features such as a separate mastery track with fresh and unique rewards, tweaked game mechanics and new A.I behaviour that combine to create an entirely new experience for all players.

The new difficulty level introduces strict rules upon players, meaning anyone carrying suspicious items will be noticed – and killing NPCs in certain ways can entirely ruin the disguise for player use meaning careful planning will be a must.

New security camera rules and limited game saves are also amongst many other new, but currently unannounced arrivals, set to arrive alongside the January update. For those wanting to jump straight in, be warned, Professional difficulty is only for professional players and those looking to gain access to this new challenge must first reach Mastery Level 20 for each location for the difficulty to unlock. Each difficulty level will include separate leaderboards and Professional difficulty will be available for all of the games story mode levels excluding the prologue, so those wishing to prove themselves as the world’s most deadly assassin had better keep their eye on the target.

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