The famous blue hedgehog is celebrating his 27th birthday in style with a live stream event held by SEGA today, during which new details were revealed regarding the upcoming multiplayer racer, Team Sonic Racing. It’s time to meet Team Rose!

Having already unveiled Team Sonic and Team Dark, SEGA have now announced the dynamic all-star trio of Team Rose, featuring a great line-up of beloved characters from the Sonic universe. Obviously led by the perky pink hedgehog Amy Rose, Team Rose also consists of the loveable creature Chao and the purple cat with a big heart and a strong physique, Big the Cat. Having these three in the same team ensures a good mix of strengths, with speed, technique and power represented respectively.

You can jump in the driver’s seat and partake in the fast-paced competitive racing of Team Sonic Racing this winter when it launches both physically and digitally for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch – with a digital only release on PC. Be sure to give the special stream a watch via the video below and, as always, do let us know what you think of the latest characters to join the roster.

Oh, and before we forget… Happy Birthday Sonic!

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