So, the contract is in, and it’s time for all you agents out there to suit up and grab a plane to Hokkaido, ready to put your skills to the test once more – it’s time for Hitman’s Elusive Target #21.

Today’s assignment brings you two targets in the form of The Surgeons – A.K.A Dr. Pavel Frydel and Dr. Arkane Akenawa, brilliant and unethical transplant surgeons. Both doctors were involved in an operation on an unnamed billionaire’s son, however the organ had been sourced illicitly from Central Africa and with the GHO Transplant Quarantine guidelines being ignored, the aftermath invited Haemorrhagic infection to the patient, resulting in his untimely death.

Both targets have been tracked to Gama, Hokkaido in which they hold positions of key staff members, meaning they will enjoy a great deal of freedom and movement with protection in the facility itself.

A bonus is being offered from the client if both targets meet their death via the introduction of an afflicted viral infection appropriate to the death of their patient. The Gama Infections Disease Research holds viable strains of several diseases and should be easy enough to source should you wish to complete your optional bonus objective.

The clock is ticking agents and you have 160 hours to get the job done.

Keep in mind that Elusive Targets are specific contracts that differ to the others found throughout Agent 47’s line of duty. Elusive Targets offer a one-time attempt to take down heavily protected targets, in which failure is not an option.

If your die during the mission that is the end, there is no retrying an Elusive Target and those that fail will find their targets gone forever. Intel on the targets will be exceptionally limited so heavy planning is a must – get out there and make your move agents.

Elusive Target #21 requires the Episode 6 content Hokkaido in order to take part in this timed content and will be available to players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC with content expiring on Friday March 3rd at 13:00 GMT.

Good Luck Agents.

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