Our weekly round-up has arrived again; we’ve picked five of the most interesting Xbox news to come off the press this week. Whether it’s Xbox One or 360, you will want to catch-up with the stories that have provoked excitement, frustration and even intrigue.

Well it certainly got us off to a flyer when the install sizes of upcoming Xbox One titles were leaked and there were a few shocks. The usual powerhouse Battlefield 4 weighs in at a massive 33GB, yet COD Ghost, a series which I most often regard as graphically inferior will use up 39GB. Does that mean one is just more optimized than the other? Or is bigger better? We shall see. Feel free to install Xbox Fitness which sets an example for its actual purpose by being a lightweight at 246MB.

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There was a bit of a worry when Marvel Lego Super Heroes was delayed on the Xbox One, I personally feared the worst and even debated buying it on current gen to avoid restraining myself for an unidentified length of time. Like true comic style just two days later those very same heroes announced that the European market would only have to wait an extra week whilst the US date remained for launch. It won’t be long till we can all get our Hulk on and take down some devious villains.

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GTA Online has been pretty disastrous from the minute it arrived but fair play to Rockstar who have churned out updates and thrown in-game cash at everyone. It still isn’t perfect and that’s why another title update is coming on 19th November. Officially named the Beach Bum update it will include actual game content to keep you entertained and is FREE, can’t argue with that.

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If there was ever any doubt on which Xbox One launch title looks the most stunning then you must’ve been swayed in favour of Ryse – Son of Rome after the videos released. The developers have treated us to three flythrough videos of areas such as Rome, York and The Haunted Swamps. Should be a delight for the eyes when it is released next week!



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Last but not least, everyone loves a freebie and every month Xbox give us two of them to download to our consoles. This time sees XBLA title Iron Brigade in the spotlight which is a tower defence style shooter. You must battle in the trenches as you fight for survival with your comrades in Europe, Africa and the Pacific. Surely worth a go when it’ll cost you nothing.

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That’s all from us for another week as we prepare ourselves for maybe the biggest seven days in gaming for a long time.


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