We’re big fans of the pinball offerings from Zen Studios, and so when we first heard that Pinball FX3 was on the horizon, our ears perked up. Today, as Zen announce that a number of Universal Classics would be arriving alongside its launch, our ears are up once more!

Announced today, the Universal Classics Pinball collection has been inspired by three motion picture classics – E.T. The Extra-Terrrestrial, Jaws and the Back to the Future trilogy.

Releasing as part of the Pinball FX3 launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, you’ll also be able to find these tables arriving as individual in-app purchases for Zen Pinball on both the App Store and Google Play.

It will give players the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the DeLorean time machine and travel through different eras of Hill Valley to fix the space-time continuum on the Back to the Future table, take on the terrifying great white shark on the Jaws table, and go on an adventure with Elliot as he helps E.T. contact his spaceship and return to the stars on the E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial table!

“Universal Classics Pinball captures the most memorable moments from three films that defined my generation’s childhood, and are undoubtedly among the favorite films of Zen’s pinball design team,” said Mel Kirk, Zen’s Vice President of Publishing. “We could not have planned a better set of launch tables for the new Pinball FX3 platform, and we know pinball fans will agree!”


We can’t wait to be able to get hands on with these latest pinball additions, especially after checking out the E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial pinball gameplay trailer, which can be seen below. Make sure you hit it up and we’ll be sure to let you know any further details as and when we have them.


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