The base game may only have released a few short weeks ago, but since then we’ve seen a slew of new content pieces arrive in the form of new episodes and costumes. Can you guess what us gamers are being treated to this week? Yep, that’s right… more episodes and further costumes.

In what is fast becoming a bit of a trend, we see a number of new content pieces arrive for Attack on Titan 2 players to enjoy. With various prices in place, should you be looking for a cheap way to enhance your AOT2 experience and don’t fancy just running through all the usual stuff again, then the following should be of interest…

  • Additional Episode: “Skill Demonstration” – £0.79
  • Additional Sasha Costume, Sports – £2.79
  • Additional Ymir Costume, Shrine – £2.79
  • Additional Annie Costume, Pop Star – £2.79
  • Additional Hange Costume, Detective – £2.79
  • Additional Episode: “Second Victory” – £0.79
  • Additional Episode: “A Titan Worth a Thousand” – £0.79

Obviously on their own these are relatively cheap additions that will no doubt be of temptation to a number of Attack on Titan 2 players. Should you be looking to grab all of the content that has released today – and in previous weeks – then you may find that your wallet takes a bit of a battering.

But hey, what’s money when you have the opportunity to get involved in some fine Titan smashing!

Should you wish to grab any of the DLC additions mentioned, then head to a digital store near you now.