After making the break from the Xbox Game Preview Program and releasing as a fully-fledged title, ARK: Survival Evolved has continued to flourish, and today it is found spreading its wings even further as the ARK arrives on Windows 10.

That’s right, those wanting to enjoy the base building, survivalist, dino-taming experience can now enjoy doing so on Windows 10 whilst enjoying all the features provided by the supported Microsoft features such as cross-play, meaning Xbox One and Windows 10 players will now be able to jump in together for some cooperative play, or go head to head on the same servers, as they fight to tame and gain control of some of the most ferocious creatures from Jurassic-era.

If you’ve already started your ARK adventure on Xbox One, then the Xbox Play Anywhere feature is probably one you’ll be quite interested in, with those who have purchased the game digitally able to play ARK: Survival Evolved on both platforms for no additional costs. With progress tied to your Microsoft account, those with an on-going ARK adventure can pick up where they left off on either Xbox One or PC whilst taking their saved progress with them, as well as any owned DLC, earned Gamerscore and all those lovely Achievements.

Those who buy ARK: Survival Evolved on Windows 10 will also find the Expansion Packs available for purchase, including Scorched Earth and last week’s newest arrival Aberration.

Alternatively, those who want the full ARK experience can now buy in to the Season Pass, which will give access to both the desert covered Scorched Earth expansion and the newly released Aberration expansion with its underground world, as well as a future expansion set to arrive in Spring of 2018. With all expansions said to offer 300+ hours of new content across the two larger than life maps, players will certainly find it hard to argue with the value in the ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass.

If you’re interested in taking on the full experience with a purchase of the Season Pass, then you can head on over to the Microsoft Store (or the PS4/PC equivalent) and grab a download for the price of £35.99.

Will you be buying into the ARK: Survival Evolved on Windows 10?Has cross-play sold it to you? Have you decided to indulge in the Season Pass? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.


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