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The second of four new content packs is on it’s way to Call of Duty Ghosts, with ‘Devastation’ due to arrive on Xbox One and Xbox 360 in April. Arriving on 3rd April, Devastation is the latest piece of content to arrive for Ghosts definitive online multiplayer experience. Featuring four new maps, a new ‘Ripper’ weapon (which is available to all Season Pass holders as of now!) and the second chapter in Extinctions four part episodic narrative in which you get to battle the Kraken, Devastation looks to be a cracking addition to Ghosts.

The four maps are:

  • Ruins – located on a Mexican peninsula and set amidst the remnants of a mountaintop Mayan temple, with multiple levels providing verticality for longer-range weapons and underground pathways perfect for close-quarters encounters. Savvy players that find and complete the unique Field Order will be able to trigger the map’s volcano to erupt and enjoy watching enemy players attempt to take cover as fiery debris fall from the sky.
  • Collision – A small map that sees a mangle of debris scattered atop a container ship pinned underneath a crippled bridge in New York. Ideal for run-and-gun tactics, those who dominate and complete the map’s specific Field Order will be able take control of a heavily armed aircraft and rain down destruction from above.
  • Behemoth  taking the battle aboard a massive excavation platform in South America with long sight lines opens this map up to the sniper is us, whilst the interiors of the control rooms are ideal for SMG’s and Shotguns. By competing the Field Order on Behemoth, players will be able to control an attack helicopter armed with a deadly, armor-piercing Rail Gun as it circles the excavator searching for enemy combatants.
  • Unearthed – The compact fourth map throws players into a reimagined version of ‘Dome’ – the fan-favourite multiplayer map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. With a new look and all-new secrets, players must navigate an alien artefact dig site in order to unlock the map’s Field Order and unleash the power of the Cryptids, as well as locate the map’s secret alien weapon.

COD Ghosts Devastation_Ruins Environment_1394129384

If you are a fan of the Ghosts Extinction mode, Episode 2: Mayday follows the dramatic events that took place deep within the Alaskan wilderness at the Nightfall Program research facility, players will uncover a much deeper conspiracy as they pursue Captain Archer and discover what has become of Doctor Cross. Armed with multiple versions of the Venom-X weapon powered with Cryptid technology, players will eventually go up against a massive, 100-foot tall Cryptid enemy from the depths of the ocean, the Kraken.

Devastation will be available as a standalone pack or as part of the Call of Duty Ghosts Season Pass.

Stand by for April 3rd!




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