If you’re in need of a reason to get that Rock Band 4 band back together then look no further than this week’s new track additions on Xbox One and PS4. It’s probably the only real excuse to kick back with some Bad Company!

Available for all Rock Band 4 players on Xbox One and PS4 are two new songs that sees the Rock Band music library continuing to burst at the seams. With a £1.59 price tag attached to each individual tune, we see the following added:

  • Bad Company – Bad Company
  • Roll To Me – Del Amitri

As always you’ll be able to grab these latest tracks from your most favourite digital store right now. Should you be rocking with mates on Xbox One, then that means the Microsoft Store should be your next port of call, whilst those jamming on PS4 will find that their own digital offering will sort them out.

If you’re a fan of supergroup, Bad Company, or even Del Amitri (yep, we know you are), then these new tunes will no doubt appeal to you. Make sure you let us know if that is you by posting in the comments below!

Rock on!