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More gold gear is available as further Pro League content arrives in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege


Gold is often seen as the pinnacle achievement in many sports and if you fancy sporting gold yourself when taking to the field then the latest Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege content will be just what you’re looking for, with fresh content inspired by the latest eSports events.

Rainbow Six Siege is already packed with a wealth of content that could easily fill multiple wardrobes, but if you’re a fan of Caveira, Blackbeard, Jackal or Ela when taking on the terrorists of Rainbow Six Siege then there’s now a gold outfit out there for you too – all of which are inspired by the recent e-Sports competition.

The first pack available is the Pro League Caveira Set. This pack brings players a Gold Caveira Chibi charm, the Circumstellar weapon skin for the rapid fire M12 submachine gun, the rather fetching Trailblazer headgear and Lightspeed uniform.

Next up is the Pro League Blackbeard Set. This set comes complete with the Gold Blackbeard Chibi charm, a Circumstellar weapon skin for Blackbeard’s iconic Mk17 CQB assault rifle, Hydrostatic headgear and Lightspeed uniform.

Those wanting a new outfit for Jackal can find the Pro League Jackal pack bringing the Gold Jackal Chibi charm, the buzz-lightyear-esque Optic Burn headgear, the Lightspeed uniform and the Circumstellar weapon skin for the PDW9 submachine gun.

And last but not least is the Pro League Ela set. This set brings the final Gold Chibi charm – the Gold Ela Chibi charm, the Circumstellar weapon skin for the EVO 3 carbine, Polarize headgear and the Lightspeed uniform.

Whilst there isn’t too much variation between each pack, those wanting to sport the latest e-Sports content will be happy to know that each pack is available to buy and download now for the price of £6.39 each. Alternatively, those wanting to get involved with all of the latest content can find the all-in-one bundle available for £12.79.

This may seem rather pricey for a simple outfit pack, but if you plan to stand out on the battlefield then there’s no better way to do so than the unique Pro League outfits. That’s right, isn’t it? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments.