Mixing extreme metal with hardcore punk, you may wonder how on earth the most severe tunes find a place in the heart’s of the Rock Band 4 public. But they do and today we are seeing a couple more tunes hit the Rock Band library, giving more reason than ever before to get the band back together.

Priced up with individual £1.59 price tags, if you are a fan of Miss May I or Blessthefall, then you will no doubt be hugely excited to see the following tunes rocking up onto the Rock Band 4 library…

  • Relentless Chaos – Miss May I
  • Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted – Blessthefall

No matter whether you’re an Xbox One guitarist, a PS4 drummer, or like to flit across formats with a mic in hand, you will struggle to find a better band in a box opportunity than that with Harmonix’s latest effort. And that means you should at least be paying slight interest in the downloadable content offerings that have been constantly hitting the game.

If you wish to download either Relentless Chaos or Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted, then get over to your favoured digital store and splash the cash right now. If these tunes don’t float your boat, then make sure you head on down to our comments section and let us know what exactly you wish to see in the next batch of Rock Band 4 DLC additions.


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