lego indi

Ah, Indi, you make your return, and whilst many people are likely to complain at the newest addition to the Backwards Compatible library – due mainly to the fact it isn’t one of the last remaining Call of Duty titles to arrive via the program – there will certainly be many others who will be excited by the addition.

Xbox 360 has a huge collection of titles that we hope to see made playable on the Xbox One, but some are higher on many wish lists than others, and with LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure adding to the 300+ Xbox 360 games already made playable on Xbox One, is the return of a favourite ‘whip snapper’s’ LEGO outing worth going back to?

The thing with the various LEGO titles that can be found on pretty much every console available is that they’re quite a different kettle of fish when compared to pretty much anything else you’re likely to come across in the games store. For one thing, there seems to be one that pops up each year for almost every successful film series in existence, and secondly, they don’t really seem to age much.

Now whilst those of you with a keen on eye on your pixels per square inch will be certain to disagree with that last statement, anyone that’s spent any good number of years playing games will surely fondly look back and remember their favourite games looking so much better than they do now. LEGO games however for the most part are just that – LEGO games. There is no set graphics expectancy and for the most part we don’t expect anything more than simple LEGO building, giving many families the engagement needed for everyone watching. Much of that is down the immediate recognition of the LEGO franchise and whichever film or character they resemble.

But whilst those alone are good enough reasons to see The LEGO adventures of Indiana Jones make a return, the main thing these games offer, with LEGO Indiana Jones in particular, is a movie tie-in experience that simply doesn’t suck.

There we go, I said it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who rarely feels a lack of excitement at the announcement of games based on movies, but when a LEGO title is announced to follow the movie, then it’s going to be the best game we’re going to get based on said film. That’s one thing we can all appreciate.

So, does the return of LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure deserve a place on the Xbox One? Definitely. Boot it up and give the old whip a crack once more as there’s place for this ageing archaeologist on our consoles yet.