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Need a Destiny boost? The Level 40 Boost Packs are now available for purchase…but they ain’t cheap!


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Not only has Destiny – The Collection released today, but the Rise of Iron expansion is also hitting our screens. But to be competitive in the fantasy world that Destiny brings, you may just need a helping hand. And that is where today’s DLC packs come in handy.

The Level 40 Warlock Pack, the Level 40 Hunter Pack and the Level 40 Titan Pack do exactly as you would expect them to…they give you a character boost, a subclass boost and Telemetries.

They are, quite obviously, one-hit wonders and will have to be purchased via the Postmaster, but if you need a hand, then they’ll be able to sort you out in no time at all.

The catch? Well, each one costs a huge £24.99!

Head on over to the Xbox One Games Store and pick them up…if you’re feeling rich.

Content Description:

This consumable pack contains a Level 40 boost for one Warlock/Titan/Hunter, a Subclass Boost, and Telemetries. This one-time boost will be available at the Postmaster and can be consumed through the inventory menu. This item is nonrefundable. Requires full version of Destiny to use.