Gravel racers should already be pretty familiar with the addition of new content, but it’s always nice to find more stuff to play around with. And today we see the Gravel garage continue to go from strength to strength with the addition of another car – and yet again it is free to download.

You’ll obviously need the base game to hand, but should you be looking for another vehicle to hoon around in, then the addition of the Ford HRX from a digital store near you should be one not to pass up.

With the likes of the Bowler Bulldog, Acciona, BMW X6 Trophy Truck and Ford Bronco already having arriving for nothing, we now find another Ford in play, this time in the form of the HRX. Coming complete with a perfect combination of performance and driveability, this is a vehicle that doesn’t stop for anyone – or anything.

Just get yourself over to the Microsoft Store if you’re racing through Gravel on Xbox One, and start your free download rolling. Those on other formats will no doubt be able to hunt the Ford HRX down on their own relevant store.

If you haven’t yet played Gravel and wish to know a bit more about it, then our full review will happily sort you out.

DLC Description:

The spectacular Ford HRX has reached Gravel Channel. The right choice for every off-road event, with the perfect combination of performance and driveability. It doesn’t stop for anything or anyone!