gleaner heights xbox one

From the outside looking in, Gleaner Heights may look like another one of those delightful old-school farming games – Farm Together anyone? – allowing you to play out the life of a farmer till your heart’s content. But delve deeper and the darkness will slowly creep out, turning Gleaner Heights on Xbox One into a whole new experience.

Available right now for purchase and download, planting, sinning, feeding and repeating will all be par for the course in Gleaner Heights on Xbox One, as you grab your most trusty of tools and tend to your farm. With more than 40 crops ready to be discovered, and an array of animals needing your focus, the farming life may never seem better. But that’s not all and a whole host of different activities will also be yours to partake in, allowing you the chance to fish, craft, cook and upgrade your home. 

However once you start to make friends with the citizens of Gleaner Heights, it won’t be long before you start to discover a bit of a darker side. See, for all the items and clothing options in place, for all the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas of Gleaner Heights, once you start to witness the double lives of the townsfolk, you’ll never look at this town in the same way again. 

Under the surface you’ll find powerful creatures guarding precious treasure, and supernatural horrors frequenting the bowels of the earth. It’ll be up to you at the end of the day to hunt down and destroy the past that is haunting Gleaner Heights… or you’ll be found it worming it’s way into your life forever more. 

If you wish to see how this all plays out in Gleaner Heights, then you may as well take in the trailer below. It may not be specific to this Xbox One release, but it gives a great insight into the world that you’ll find yourself in.

Once you have taken in it, get yourself over to the Xbox Store and nab a copy of the game. It’s available right now for £8.39.

Game Description:

“Today is another typical day in Gleaner Heights. I got up, went to the general store, bought some seeds, planted them. Cooked some spaghetti bolognese, went out to chop wood. Milked my cows, fed them too. Got in my boat, went underwater with my diving suit. Found a cave entrance, fought a giant crab, grabbed some treasure. Got back up, went to the showroom for a drink. I think the hotel owner’s daughter is throwing funny glances at me. I shouldn’t have gifted her that boot I fished out the other day…” For those of you who are in for the farming… Grab your trusty tools and transform your farm into the richest field in town! Over 40 crops await for you to discover and plant them! Tend to your animals, make them happy and collect their produce! Keep them either inside the barn or make fenced perimeters outside to let them graze under the sun! Lose yourself in a slew of different activities, from fishing to crafting machines and items, from cooking delicious meals with over 110 recipes to upgrading your home and farm buildings! Make friends with the townsfolk and learn about them and the history of Gleaner Heights! When the time and person is right, choose to have a life together! Explore the town’s surroundings, discover secret places and hunt creatures! Dig deep into the mines to get precious metal and stones! Sail your very own boat and explore underwater with your diving suit! Get your hands on over 300 items and wear over 45 unique pieces of clothing and equipment! For those of you who are in for the mystery… Witness the double lives of townsfolk, their plottings and betrayals. Help them or destroy them as you see fit. Discover the haunting past of Gleaner Heights, from its early days to the terrible events that occured just prior to your arrival. Confront the supernatural horror that lurks in the bowels of the earth. Break the cycle of destruction…or inherit it. Fight powerful creatures guarding lost, forgotten treasures. Dash, roll, shoot arrows – prevail or perish.