A wacky version of the solar system provides the setting in Fission Superstar X for a journey which sees you doing the bidding of a mad scientist, ensuring his nuclear bomb, Celine, becomes a galactic superstar. Nothing out of the ordinary here then…

Dr. Leopold created a nuclear bomb, but not for the purpose of mass destruction, instead to take ‘her’ on a solar tour in this randomly generated rogue-lite experience. There’ll be nine unlockable ships to get your hands on and over 100 different crew members to choose from, with options including humans and space bears. If you think it’s all a little odd, then fear not because the enemies are as equally fascinating, seeing you go up against anything from fascist space cats to giant insects. With 20 different environments to traverse, blasting the relentless attackers to smithereens throughout each one and using one of 64 weapon options, it appears that plenty of variety is to be found in this game.

It won’t be easy though, and you will die an awful lot, however that just ensures success feels even more rewarding in the long-run, right? And that’s something which will surely come by dodging and blocking attacks, fighting with weaponry to suit your playstyle and assembling the ideal crew for you. Decisions must be made too, regarding the prioritisation of repairing the ship, upgrading, or healing a wounded crew member. Also, do you dock at a station and spend time dodging an angry Planetoid or skip that stop altogether for an easier run through a colourful space aurora? It’s down to you to settle on the best course of action!

Fission Superstar X, developed by Turbo Pelvis 3000 inc., launches for Xbox One and PC on 31st January, 2019. Be sure to tell us what you think of this rather bonkers space shooter.


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