railway empire france

All aboard… Railway Empire is heading to France and right now the latest DLC pack promises to throw you into a time where a new project is being considered – the construction of the Eiffel Tower.

Railway Empire promises to put you in the conductor’s seat as you spend time building extensive rail networks, developing new technologies, growing and managing a rail workforce, all while managing to stay one step ahead of the opposition. With a rather nifty base game already complemented by trips to Mexico, The Great Lakes, Crossing the Andes, Great Britain & Ireland and Germany, it’s now time to head to Europe once more and understand the appeal of France.

The Railway Empire – France DLC adds in a whole new map (obviously), alongside extra engines and tradable goods that will see your empire skyrocket above all others. Available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC for £10.74, in addition to the new DLC, Update 1.9 is now also live for all platforms.

Features of the France DLC for Railway Empire include:

  • New scenario – 1874-1890
  • Map expansion: France (available in Free Game and Sandbox modes)
  • 10 historical engines: Coupe Vent (4-4-0) and Forquenot (2-4-2)
  • More than 12 new tradeable goods (wine and soft cheese) and 31 new cities
  • ‘Concession’ feature: The map is divided into sections. Buy concessions to gain access to new building grounds. Also available on the full North American map
  • New songs and updated characters

You’ll obviously need the base game to hand in order to head off on this journey, but should that already be in place then a digital store of your choosing will happily sort the tickets. We advise hitting up the Xbox Store.

Game Description:

In the wake of Emperor Napoleon III’s exile, the French monarchy has collapsed for the second time, and the Third Republic has taken its place. In the Railway Empire – France DLC you will decide your country’s industrial future. Either take sides with a militaristic general and increase the strength of France’s borders in anticipation of a new war or help the minister of public work to rebuild the infrastructure of the country and undertake the controversial new “Eiffel Tower” project.