It’s the free-to-play third person shooter that brings more than a hint of the cooperative side of gaming to the masses, and right now we are seeing the next chapter in the cinematic storyline unfold.

Digital Extremes have now sent forward a new mind-bending chapter in the Warframe tale, with The Sacrifice now arriving for free.

This follows a bit of a cliffhanging story as a foreboding vision will lead you – as Tenno – on the hunt for a savage new Warframe. The Sacrifice released previously to Steam players back in June, promptly smashing Warframe’s peak player count with a total of 129,000 players. If that hype can be brought over to console, then Digital Extremes will be on to another winner.

The Sacrifice has been created for all Warframe players, but only the most dedicated Tenno, those who have trekked deep enough into the game, can start it. See, it is only upon completing The Second Dream, The War Within, Chains of Harrow and the Apostasy Prologue will steadfast players learn the plight of The Lotus, Ballas, and the creation of the Warframes. Expect to be found winding your way through a labyrinthine gauntlet of action-filled gameplay, flashbacks and cutscenes in this harrowing new cinematic quest.

Key Features of The Sacrifice include:

  • UMBRA! Ferocious and untamed, Umbra’s fury is second only to his mastery of the blade. Complete The Sacrifice to discover the power of Umbra.
  • UI, PRIMED: Warframe’s user interface is ever-evolving. Experience the first step in this brand-new UI, including a revamped inventory menu, customizable UI themes, updated vendor menus (like Baro, Syndicates, etc.), new UI sounds across all menus, and more!
  • TENNO CUSTOMIZATIONS: Embrace the shadows with these ancient Orokin masterpieces including Umbra Armor, Operator Cosmetics, Hooded Scarf, Blindfold, Diadem, Earpiece, and Kubrow and Kavat Armor.
  • FREE PRIME WITH TWITCH PRIME: The full year of Free Prime with Twitch Prime is underway! Get Trinity Prime and the exclusive Spektaka Prime Syandana for free with your Twitch Prime membership. Digital Extremes is offering exciting Warframe content as part of this program all year. Once your account is linked, click to claim your Trinity Prime and exclusive Spektaka Prime Syandana!

If you’re a Warframe player than you should fire up and take a look at The Sacrifice right now. For an added reason to jump in, promo code “OLDFRIEND” will sort you out with a free Orokin Tea Set Decoration and a 3-Day Affinity Booster! It is available on all platforms until at 11:59 p.m. ET, July 20, 2018.


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