Those diligent people over at NeoGAF have found something else worth looking at, especially for Gamerscore Hunters. Indeed we have what seems to be a complete list of Achievements.

After inspecting the list, I’m rather pleased that the 1000GS could be attained with a little effort and time put in. One thing that did irritate me was that the potential toughest achievement is absolutely worthless. I’ve never understood a 0 score, more so when it could be a grind. Anyway take a look at those below and credit to a NeoGAF user.


Name                      GS                  Description

Look Around            10      Snap the necks of 10 pilots

Build Yourself         15      Create a custom pilot loadout

Customize Your Ride    15      Create a custom titan loadout

Vortex Volley          15      Catch a projectile shot from a vortex with your own vortex

My Robot Army          20      Hack 20 spectres using the Data Knife

Best in Class          25      Finish as the top player on your team once

All charged up         25      Kill 5 enemies with one Arc Cannon shot

Pull!                  25      Kill 10 ejecting Pilots

Pull Harder!           25      Kill an ejecting Pilot with the Plasma Railgun

All the Cards          25      Earn 500 burn cards

IMC Elite Pilot        25      Win every Campaign level as an IMC pilot

Militia Elite Pilot    25      Win every Campaign level as a Militia pilot

Death From Above       25      Kill 5 enemies by dropping a titan on them

Halfway There          25      Reach level 25

Flag Runner            25      Win 50 Capture The Flag matches

I Wore ‘Em Down        25      Win 50 Attrition matches

Pilot Hunter           25      Win 50 Pilot Hunter matches

Captured Everything    25      Win 50 Hardpoint matches

I Stand Alone          25      Win 50 Last Titan Standing matches

I’ve Seen It All       25      Play every gameplay mode on every map

Ride ‘Em Cowboy        25      Rodeo-kill a Titan

Like A Vacation        25      Complete training

I Killed Them All      25      Kill all pilots during the evacuation single-handedly

Freerunner             25      Wallrun for 5 kilometers

Superior in Every Way  25      Kill 1000 AI Soldiers

Titanfall              25      Call in your Titan 25 times

Refuge                 50      Survive an evacuation

I Like a Challenge     50      Complete all challenges for a single weapon

IMC Pilot              50      Complete the IMC campaign

Militia Pilot          50      Complete the Militia campaign

My Generation          50      Became a second generation Pilot

Maxed Out              50      Reach level 50

All The Hardware       50      Unlock everything

Frequent Flyer         50      Play 50 Campaign matches

Gen 10                 0       Reach the highest Pilot generation




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