Throughout its long existence, roulette grew greatly in popularity mainly because it is a great source of entertainment for both seasoned gamblers and total greenhorns. Presently, interactive players are undoubtedly spoiled for choice due to the fact that most of the web-based casinos strive to offer a greater diversity of variations of the classic game.

Most of the casino operators also go the extra mile in an attempt to make sure that all their patrons will find their cup of tea, irrespective of their bankroll. High-rollers are also not disregarded as a large number of the web-based casinos offer roulette games that feature higher betting limits. If you prefer placing large bets but you are still struggling to find the roulette game that suits you best, just keep on reading below and you will find out which are some of the best roulette for high rollers.

Video Roulette

As it turns out, this particular roulette game developed by Playtech enjoys great popularity among gambling enthusiasts and it definitely stands out from the crowd. In the first place, what sets this roulette variation apart from the rest of the roulette games is the fact that its appearance is rather unusual. While playing the game, you will notice that there is a video that shows the professional croupier who is spinning the wheel. When it comes to the betting limits, the game will definitely appeal to interactive players who prefer placing bigger bets as the maximum you can stake per a single spin of the wheel is 250,000.

European Roulette Gold Series

European Roulette Gold Series is yet another roulette game that is worth mentioning due to the fact that it features amazing graphics that cannot be more authentic. Still, this is of no surprise considering the fact that the roulette game is developed by Microgaming. But what is even better about the game is that it is a great option for high-stakes players due to the fact that the table limits are quite wide.

Immersive Roulette

Evolution Gaming’s Immersive Roulette falls into the category of one of the most intriguing roulette variations gambling enthusiasts can go for. This roulette variation is a great option for players who want to get the feeling that they are sitting at a real roulette table, which is possible thanks to the impeccable quality of the streaming. But what is even better about the game is that the table limits can go up pretty high, which is definitely great news for real lovers of the classic table game. While playing the game, you will be allowed to wager as much as £75,000 per a single spin of the wheel. Still, roulette fans should keep in mind that the betting limits might vary across the different web-based casinos, which is why it would be better if you check this beforehand.

Live French Roulette

As a general rule, roulette games that are hosted by live-dealers have higher table limits, which is also the case with Live French Roulette that is developed by NetEnt. Gambling aficionados will have the opportunity to wager as much as £75,000 per a single spin of the wheel. Still, as it was already noted, the betting limits are casino-specific, which is why it is advised to check this prior to giving the game a try.

Ra Roulette

Ra Roulette also lists among the roulette games that are worth your attention. The game follows the rules that are used in European roulette but what is even better about it is that it is packed with useful tools as players can make use of statistics and favourite bets option. What distinguishes the game from the rest of the roulette variations is that it allows players to place an additional special bet. The game is also one of the best options high-rollers can go for due to the fact that its betting limits are quite wide as they can reach up to £10,000. Once again, you should not forget that this depends on the web-based casino you have registered with.