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Trigger Treadz Review

Trigger Treadz Review

by Neil Watton (neil363)September 17, 2014

iMP Tech


Trigger Treadz for Xbox One


4 x Trigger Treadz (2 different styles)

P1020372We have to admit to being big fans of the sleek lined Xbox One controller, but anything that promises to make our gaming sessions just that little bit better is always a good thing….and this is where Trigger Treadz come in well.

A new product from the guys at iMP Tech, Trigger Treadz are a third party add on that provide increased grip and comfort to your Xbox One triggers during both those long sessions and short ten minute blasts.

Coming in a pack of four and running with two different ‘racing rubber’ and ‘all terrain’ designs, (a pair of each in a pack), the Trigger Treads are possibly the simplest addition I’ve ever had the pleasure of applying to my Xbox One controller. Made from a high quality material that reduces the effect of sweaty fingers slipping from your triggers at those all-important times, the Treadz fit superbly well and apply brilliantly thanks to their sticky backs.


Once installed, you find no slip at all on the triggers and within seconds you’ll be accustomed to the new ‘feel’ that they give. Of the two designs, from a personal view I prefer the feel of the all terrain grip over the racing rubber ones but there is very little difference in the two. What they do remarkably well though is exactly what they were produced for; to stop your fingers slipping off the triggers during a long fought battle on Destiny or a quick spin around Silverstone in Forza Motorsport 5. After many hours of using both designs, I can honestly say they are a great addition that, whilst being something I never thought I’d need, now absolutely love.

And for the super cheap price point of £4.99/$6.99 the treadz are a bargain that you should really think about purchasing from any good high street store, the very best of internet sites or direct from You can now also get hold of the Trigger Treadz in Australia – will be able to sort you out.

If you do find that you would like to go gaming without the Trigger Treadz installed, then they can be peeled off very easily and leave next to no marks on the triggers. Obviously only time will tell as to how often you can apply and repply a set of Trigger Treadz but why you would want to remove them in the first place is beyond me as they do nothing other than enhance your gaming time.


The only downside is that the now naked Xbox One bumpers feel a little plain to touch. I would have liked to have seen the same tread additions available for both the bumper buttons as well and it’s a shame the current packs only cover the actual triggers. In fact, if Trigger Treadz for Bumpers were produced I’d be first in line for a set as the ones for the triggers are that good!

So, whilst we don’t give our accessory reviews a score out of 5, you can take our word for it that Trigger Treadz will firmly enhance your gaming sessions.

Even if you didn’t think you ever needed them!

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The pros

Cheap but most definitely enhance the really long sessions.

The cons

A standard controller with no Treadz attached now feels naked.

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The one liner

For the price, it's a bit of a no brainer.

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