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WWE 2K15 Roster Reveal Full List

WWE 2K15 Roster Reveal Full List

by James (@oKidUKo)October 14, 2014


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WWE 2K15 will be coming to Xbox 360 on October 28th (NA) or October 31st (EU) 2014 and Xbox One on 18th November 2014 in North America and 21st November 2014 for the rest of the world. Here we will gather the full list of playable wrestlers on the roster as they are revealed.

Here’s the playable wrestlers officially announced for WWE 2K15 so far, including pre-order bonuses and DLC, all in a neat list that we will constantly update (check below the list for how the reveal unfolded up till now). People that are DLC or exclusives are in Italic. –

Sting | Sting (Retro) | Hulk Hogan | Hulk Hogan (Retro) | Hulk Hogan (Hollywood) | Cesaro | Roman Reigns | Bray Wyatt | John Cena | AJ Lee | Naomi | Darren Young | Randy Orton | Triple H | Shawn Michaels | CM Punk | Bad News Barrett | Goldust | Big Show | “Stone Cold” Steve Austin | Sheamus | Chris Jericho | Dolph Ziggler | Fandango | Damien Sandow | Brock Lesnar | Dean Ambrose | Batista | Jey Uso | Jimmy Uso | Big E | Jack Swagger | Tyson Kidd | Rey Mysterio | Nikki Bella | Brie Bella | Titus O’Neil | The Rock | Seth Rollins | Kofi Kingston | R-Truth | Justin Gabriel | Daniel Bryan | Xavier Woods | The Miz | Tamina | Rob Van Dam | Erick Rowan | Luke Harper | The Undertaker | Alberto Del Rio | Booker T | Cameron | Cody Rhodes | Curtis Axel | Kane | Kevin Nash | Mark Henry | Natalya | Ric Flair | Ryback | Santino Marella | Summer Rae | Rusev | Adrian Neville | Bo Dallas | Sami Zayn | Corey Graves | Paige | Christian | Edge | Adam Rose | JBL | The Acension (Konnor & Victor) | Emma | Fit Finley | Lord Steven Regal | Bam Bam Bigelow | Diamond Dallas Page | Lex Luger | Ultimate Warrior | Hunter Hearst Helmsley | Andre the Giant | Macho King (Randy Savage) | Sgt. Slaughter | Colonel Mustafa | Rick Rude | Honkey Tonk Man | The Great Khali |MORE TO COME

The first batch features a member of The Shield, the “King of Swing”, a hero who never gives up, a crazy guy with the whole world in his hands and a true icon of the wrestling business.

Roman Reigns
John Cena
Bray Wyatt
Hulk Hogan

WWE 2k15 Roster Pic 1 Hogan Cena

Although we don’t have any visuals to show off as of yet, 2K Games also confirmed at E3 the identity of the first two Divas to be part of the roster. The longest reigning Divas Champion and one half of the Funkadactyls, we’ll bring you images as we get them –

AJ Lee

On 11th July, 2K announced that the next WWE Superstar to be added to the WWE 2K15 roster would be a former Prime Time Player…

Darren Young

A pre-order exclusive character was announced during WWE Raw in the form of WCW legend, the Icon. There’ll be two generations of this man which suggests two attires.



WWE have revealed four panels that will feature during the SummerSlam 2014 weekend and one of them relates to WWE 2K15. On Saturday 16th August 2014 we’ll get to see how the rest of the WWE 2K15 Roster shapes up alongside panellists John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Sheamus, Cesaro and Roman Reigns. Will we get anymore confirmed superstars before then? Maybe.

August 4th – Today, WWE World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena tweeted the first official screenshot for WWE 2K15. In the foreground of the picture you can see the trunks of another wrestler, Randy Orton, so even though it isn’t a shock we can safely say he’s in.

Randy Orton

11th August – 2K announced the participants of the initial two feuds for their story mode, 2K Showcase. As a result this also confirmed the inclusion of the Heartbreak Kid, the Cerebral Assassin and the Best in the World.

Shawn Michaels

Triple H

CM Punk

HBK 2k15 Triple H 2k15 Cm punk 2k15

12th August – During an interview specifically talking about WWE 2K15, Bad News Barrett officially confirmed he would be in the game with his latest gimmick.

Bad News Barrett

13th August – Due to being a playable character at Gamescom 2014 there’s enough information and screenshot proof to confirm another name for the roster. Remember the name… Goldust.


wwe 2k15Goldust14th August – 2K Games took to the stage at Gamescom 2014 with Big Show to promote WWE 2K15 and as a result they confirmed his presence in the game.

Big Show

22nd September – Following the reveal of the first official gameplay trailer we can now confirm that the “Super Athlete” will be in to crush all his competitors.


26th September – During a media day to present MyCareer mode details to the press it has been revealed via various images that at least three more wrestlers with NXT connections are included.

Bo Dallas

Sami Zayn

Adrian Neville

Zayn WWE2K15

30th September – Another NXT superstar was noted to be in the game at the MyCareer press event and he’ll make you STAY DOWN.

Corey Graves

9th October – It was revealed by WWE that the Anti-Diva would be a playable character exclusive to those who purchase the WWE 2K15 Season Pass.


14th October – A whole host of names were confirmed as being a part of WWE 2K15 whether from the start or DLC as unveiled by the more detailed Season Pass and DLC information.

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  • Grubb Daniel

    They just add Xavier Woods, RVD, Undertaker, Stone Cold, HHH and The Rock

    • See the “Guest” comment above 🙂

  • Guest

    Although they will likely feature they won’t be added to this list until 2K officially confirm it themselves.

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  • Stephanie Andrews

    I don’t care about the entire roster, I care more about the legends that will be included and with the Stinger in there for preorder I definitely getting this

    • Which legends are you hoping for?

      • Stephanie Andrews

        Like to see Macho man, Ultimate Warrior, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, etc…

        • Well you’ve got one of those. I think the others are highly possible too.

        • Macho Man and Warrior now confirmed.

          • Stephanie Andrews

            Yay, they are both deserving rip both of them maybe they’re having a match right now in heaven

      • Killian Darkwater

        Will I get Dusty Rhodes? Andre the Giant? Yoko? Bret Hart? I wish Richie Steamboat was on the game. him or his dad.

        • Well I can only rule out Richie for sure. The rest it all depends on where 2K are going with this game, as I think they’re having a very small no. of Legends this time.

        • Andre is in!

      • jadyn buco

        jeff hardy

        • I can’t see it, maybe next year…

  • ManManMan

    My main hopes for the roster…

    Jack Swagger(YAY)
    Kofi Kingston(YAY)
    Rob Van Dam(YAY)
    Dolph Ziggler(YAY)
    CM Punk(YAY)

    Im more than satisfied.
    Hopefully it’s official and they will keep these guys…

    • Yep any name you see above in the article is OFFICIALLY in!

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  • leingod

    I read everywhere they were gonna reveal the full roster today, but that wasn’t even 1/4 of it. And it was the same pre-Summerslam show, with a more current version of CM Punk slapped in.

    • Yeah it’s the same after Smackdown, the other half of the reveal panel. All repeats which is a shame.

  • WisCO

    I really wish they would just give us the entire roster, including legends and DLC (if possible) already. The game comes out in less than a month for PS3/XBox360 and just over a month for PS4/XBox1

    • Well I believe once the full MyCareer mode is revealed they’ll announced the last of the roster.


    We want Bayley!

  • David Wells

    sting is in the game,but j briks,i hope goldberg,cm punk,edge,christian,steve austin & others can be in the game?

    • CM Punk yes, Steve Austin HELL YEAH he is in. The rest you’lll have to wait and see as there are still more to come that’s for sure. We’ll update this with any new faces that get announced.

      • David Wells

        true that man,they are awesome

    • Looks like just Goldberg left for you to get all you want 🙂

  • jadyn buco

    cm punk cm punk cm punk cm punk 3 hours later cm punk

  • Derp

    What about Too Cool? I miss those guys, they were all great on their own and great together as the team. Really wish they’d include; Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Grandmaster Sexay. They deserve to be in the games again. I haven’t seen them since the days of PS1!

    • Definitely, can’t beat a bit of the WORM! They do pop back in WWE sometimes but I haven’t heard about them being in this at all.

  • matt forney should be fired

    why won’t they put the hardy brothers in these games….

    • Because of their personal issues I’d imagine and one is signed to TNA (think the other has a not so concrete contract). So not now but maybe in the future.

  • Bill Parson

    When is the next set of pPl to be released so we know who they are?

  • Cameron Gotell

    Is CM Punk gonna be in the roster really? there was legal discussions about it

    • Yep he definitely is in and apparently has loads of attires.

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  • Michal

    it’s a shame that Bret Hart is missing!

  • David Wells

    i hope WWE 2k16 will be good game this year,some of wrestlers will be in it this year?

    • Time will tell, I can’t imagine the roster will be much different for the current stars and hopefully we’ll get more NXT and legends.

      • David Wells