The Boxing Day sales are in full swing but once more the Xbox Countdown to 2018 continues to roll on. And that obviously means there is another Daily Deal to look forward to. Does the 24 hour sale for the 26th December fare better than the previous few offerings?

Well, if truth be told there is little chance of the latest sale to hit Xbox One gamers coming off much worse than the rather rubbish NBA 2K18 VC or The Sims 4 Bundle sales from days gone by. But then, surely we’ve had other things to keep us entertained over the last day or so!

Anyways, the Xbox Daily Deal for 26th December 2017 features DLC for the free-to-play title Trove, which has the following discounts:

If you wish to get involved with the price cuts listed above, then the Microsoft Store will let you in on the action. Remember though, the whole premise of the Daily Deals are that they last for 24 hours only so you’ll need to be quick in pressing that download button.

Should you instead not yet have taken in the glory of the entire Xbox Countdown to 2018 sale – the one that delivers a whole host of bargains for all Xbox One and Xbox 360 players – then make sure you check out this article.

As always, we’d love to know what you are picking up. Let us know in the comments below, via the forums, or over at the usual social channels.