Grant DuBay

I'm a 19 year old that loves pretty much anything in the entertainment industry. Games, books, shows, movies, you name it. I've been addicted to games ever since my dad introduced me to the original Halo. I'm an FPS junkie, but I can play pretty much everything and still have a good time.

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Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo Review

Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo is a hard game to review. For the asking price of 15$, there isn’t much here...Some tutorials, a wave mode and a local versus mode. And that’s a real shame, because I had a ‘Blast’ with what there is.

BioShock: The Collection Review

I love the Bioshock series; they are the culmination of both great shooting sections, and strong storytelling. And whether you’re playing as Jack (The original Bioshock), Johnny Topside (Project Delta, Bioshock 2), or Booker Dewitt (Bioshock Infinite), Irrational games delivers on truly immersing you into your role, and the city around you.

King Oddball Review

King Oddball is a wacky game in which you have to clear out a wave of enemies in order to move from level to level. Now, imagine Angry Birds, except we are substituting birds with rocks, pigs with vehicles, and the catapult with a….tongue. Yes, that is the premise of King Oddball, to hurl giant rocks from high above the enemy, hoping they cannot withstand his almighty weapon.

Scorpio, VR, Games – What do Xbox gamers have to look forward to?

Tons of Triple A titles, including numerous new IP’s. A new console, which aims to achieve true 4K, while still allowing support for VR. Hololens, which looks to prove that there is a market in Augmented as well as Virtual reality. All of these are coming very soon, and it’s looking to be an exciting year or two if you are an Xbox fan.

Hawken Review

A rich gameplay system that isn't easy to newcomers, very intricate customisation options, and tons of mechs to both unlock, and upgrade. These are my favorite parts about Hawken. However, like most games that follow the Free-To-Play model, there is a feeling of lack of content. In fact, with only four game modes, and nine maps, there is a lot left to be desired.

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Looking Back to 2012 and the super sexy combos of Devil May Cry HD Collection

For those of you who have been living under a rock or deep in the jungle for the last ten years, the Devil May Cry games feature a protagonist called Dante. And this is Dante when he was just effortlessly cool...

Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 36 – Summer

Cars and coffee, eh? Those are two of the things I like in real life, but now they have come to Forza Horizon 5 and Series 36 of the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges.

A Garage Full of Arcade Racing Comes to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch in Super Woden GP II

Hankering for the old days of retro racing, where drifting was aplenty and music was chiptune in nature? Well, look no further than the pure racing of Super Woden GP II. 

KontrolFreek OMNI Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox One Review

KontrolFreek have been making Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox for longer than I care to remember, pushing out a multitude of products with varying features, specifications and ideas. You can get high-rise concaved designs, you can caress your thumbs with mid-rise convex options, and you can put the lowest of height increments on your standard controller, giving an increase in grip, surface area, feel and overall user experience. It is with the latter in which the OMNI come into their own.

5 of the best fishing games on Xbox One

As I've played almost every fishing experience that you can find on the big black box, I thought I'd attempt to rank them, nailing a list consisting of 5 of the best fishing games on Xbox One, if you will.

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GameSir Kaleid Flux Controller for Xbox Review

The GameSir Kaleid Flux Controller for Xbox will brighten up any gaming night; full of colour, textured elements and some cracking features.

Flock Review

Consider Flock like the finest of fine wines.

The Star Named EOS Review

If you are looking for a short, but sweet, puzzle game then The Star Named EOS comes highly recommended.

F1 Manager 2024 Review

F1 Manager 2024 - the most rich iteration of the F1 management sim series to date.

Aimlabs Review

Aimlabs is a very difficult game to score, mainly because it’s not really a ‘game’ and nothing else like it exists on the Xbox.