Don’t worry, it doesn’t really infect your console, but the entire twin-stick shooting experience of ATOMINE is centred on a computer virus.

A fair few years ago in the real word, a malicious worm called STUXNET was discovered and is remembered as the first real weapon created in the form of a computer virus. ATOMINE looks to recount these real events with a twin stick procedural shooter rogue-lite game set in a virtual world that has a minimalistic design to it.

The pace is fast as players must clear each procedurally-generated level of enemies in order to move onto the next and increase the strength of the virus to ultimately infiltrate the source code of the system. Along the way you’ll gain XP and special modules to modify your weapon with; changing the bullet type, rate of fire, and more. During a run-through, the system can detect the intrusion of the virus and can modify the game, so player must act swiftly via Quick-Time Events. You’ve only got one life in this rogue-lite shooter though, so you best make it count and complete every level or it’s ‘game over’!

Anyone looking to help the ATOMINE virus grow can do so by venturing over to the Microsoft Store, where it’s available right now for £7.99 for Xbox One. Does the concept of this virus controlling twin-stick shooter intrigue you enough to make a purchase? Get in touch using the comments below and on social media.

Game Description:

Atomine is a twin stick procedural rogue-lite shooter set in a virtual world with minimalist design, where the player recounts on the screen the real events of STUXNET, the first weapon ever created in the form of computer virus. Fast and Fun Atomine is fast. There are a lot of enemies and you have to kill all of them to complete the levels. But don’t worry, you have infinite ammo and a (great) modular weapon system.Weapon System In Atomine the player can modify his weapon using special modules that can be find in the game. The modules have effect to specific parts of the weapons: type of bullet, number of bullets, rate of fire and other mutators.Procedurally Generated During a run, the system can detect the intrusion and modify the game, so player must act quickly! Boss Battle There are not only “small” enemies. Atomine must also defeat big and powerful bosses.

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