A huge selection of super-powered skins have made their way into the wonderful world of Minecraft, and some might even say they are rather ‘Incredible’.

Developers Mojang have collaborated with Disney and Pixar to bring us a pack of 42 themed skins based on the film The Incredibles and its sequel, Incredibles 2. Minecraft enthusiasts can play as the Parr family in their regular day-to-day outfits and their alter-ego costumes – Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet and Dash – as well as the cool as ice hero Frozone. Should you be feeling a tad devilish, skins are also present to play the part of the sinister villains instead, featuring the likes of Syndrome, Bomb Voyage and the Underminer.

Given the sheer volume of skins in the Minecraft The Incredibles Skin Pack, one would expect a super-sized price in place, but actually, you can grab the entire pack of 42 on the Microsoft Store for just £2.39. Of course, a copy of the Minecraft based must be owned on the Xbox One to make use of these; however it seems a real bargain for fans of The Incredibles franchise – wouldn’t you be inclined to agree?

DLC Description:

Grab your super suit and join the action with the Parr family and other heroes and villains in this incredible skin pack!

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