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It all looks a bit Rubik’s Cubey but if you like that kind of thing, you may be interested to know that Cubikolor is now available to grab on Xbox One.

With a release date of 20th May 2016 in place, you obviously won’t be able to play the game before then, but pre-orders and pre-downloading is a big thing in the Xbox One circles and so the £6.39 it’ll cost for your download should be something to consider, especially seeing as it comes with 150 odd levels and numerous objectives.

We will of course remind you when it releases for real too. We’re nice like that you see 🙂

Game Description:

Immerse yourself in the world of Cubikolor! Move your Kube by matching the kolors of the sides and the platform to complete each level. Armed only with your logic and your Kube, move through the 150 levels outwitting the traps in the System, an evil, scheming entity, to confront the machine and pass the test! Discover lots of special Kubes with some surprising effects, and advance through the different game backdrops in Classik or Hardkore mode. In Cubikolor your logic will be severely tested against a formidable enemy. Roll, go up, go down and rewind time to explore all the options and reach the locks in each level. Keep an eye on the time and move limits! Outsmart the System and use its traps to your advantage: Booby-trapped Kubes, multikolored Kubes and many more await you in this next-gen puzzle game. Win all the medals and challenge yourself in Hardkore mode. Only the best will survive. Will you achieve the highest score? • A puzzle game with innovative gameplay in full 3D • 150 levels, 2 game modes, numerous objectives and 450 medals to be won • Discover lots of special Kubes • A kolorful and twilight world with ever-changing levels • Progressive and immersive music, turn on the sound! • Over 20 hours of gameplay fun against a cunning and ruthless Program • A Hardkore challenge even for the best among you! • Will you achieve the best times? Share your results! Cubikolor – Originality Award at the European Indie Game Days 2015 Cubikolor is a co-production between independent studios Fractal Box and Moving Player

You know what to do…get over to the Xbox One Games Store and get your pre-order in.

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