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Circuits – a puzzler for the music lover – releases on Xbox One

Circuits gives you a full music track and the individual components of it - including bass, chords and other elements. Your task? To put it all back together!

Hand-drawn Freedom Finger brings Shoot ’em Up and Punch ’em Up action to Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2019

Delivering music-fuelled shoot 'em up action, punch 'em up opportunities and hand-drawn goodness, Finger Freedom has today been announced for an Xbox One, PS4 and PC release later in 2019.

I and Me brings puzzling feline fun to Xbox One

Looking to have your mind put into a spin? I and Me on Xbox One has got your back.

Out of Space announced for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC

Ever thought about owning a dream home... in space? Out of Space on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, will allow you to live out those dreams, as you are tasked with working together with a friend to maintain such a lifestyle.

Head back to the ’80s with investigative thriller The Occupation on Xbox One, PC and PS4

Can you remember back more than three decades? If you can't then you need not worry as The Occupation will be taking you back to 1987 - all in order for you to become a reporter and decide the narrative...

Lay down the law as the Beat Cop on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4

Life as a New York cop can't be easy, but in Beat Cop Console Edition, you'll at least get the chance to lay down the law... one ticket at a time.

The King’s Bird Review

To hold its head up with the others, The King's Bird is a platformer that brings a heady mix of high octane gaming and a level of difficulty that can be very challenging. But does it keep you wanting to go back for more?

Deadliners Review

With party games on the rise once more however, it seems some developers are happy to return to simpler times, forgoing the need to always focus on vast in-depth stories and visual masterpieces to bring a memorable tale. Deadliners does just that, bringing players nothing but some classic party madness.

Creepy Road Review

Creepy Road represents Russian indie studio Groovy Milk’s first ever game. A name like that would indicate something offbeat and weird; a game unlike most others. Creepy Road definitely fits this bill, and after seeing a release on Steam last May, it has now finally found its way to the Xbox One. But is it any good?

Awesome Pea Review

So, here’s the pitch. You’re a greedy little pea, who simply loves gold. All you can do is run and jump to traverse the Awesome Islands World, avoiding enemies and traps as well as collecting coins and gems on the way. Oh, and did I mention you are almost too cute for words? Now if that doesn’t sound, ahem, appealing, I don’t know what will.

Access Denied Review

Access Denied instantly conjures up memories of the multiplayer hoot that is “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”. In that game you have to work together to disarm a bomb. One player uses a physical instruction manual for direction on how to do this, as the other inputs the commands on screen. The look and feel of Access Denied has a lot in common with that game, but do the similarities only run skin deep?

Glass Masquerade Review

We all love the satisfaction of finding where that last jigsaw puzzle piece goes, watching it slot neatly into place. But, did you know that this encourages the production of the chemical dopamine in the brain, which is a mood enhancer? This is one reason why completing a puzzle helps to release stress and tension. If you are feeling the pressure of modern life then you might like to try tuning out by playing Glass Masquerade on Xbox One.

Almost There: The Platformer brings super tough platforming goodness to Xbox One, PS4 and PC

“Almost There was designed specifically for fans of the hardcore platformer genre” - so say the publishing team at The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild. Well, taking one look at the platforming terrors that the game has to offer and we’ll be the first to agree…

Pumped BMX Pro Review

Releasing a unique and original experience - or at least a memorable one - isn’t an easy task, especially if you want it to be memorable for all the right reasons. After spending several hours trying to avoid stacking my bike for the 100th time, it seems that Pumped BMX Pro may just have what it takes to create that classic yet simplistic experience we’ve all been looking for

Settle the Wild West score in Roguelike style with Colt Canyon on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC

Loot. Shoot. Dodge. Reload - That's what Headup Games and Retrific Game Studio are hoping will happen with Colt Canyon on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC!

Unruly Heroes Review

Unruly Heroes is a beautiful 2D platformer featuring a wonderful hand-drawn animation style. Developed by Magic Design Studios, you play as one of four heroes interchangeably: the monkey, the magician, the pig and the brute, each with their own combat style and ability selection.

Arena Brawler Hyper Jam launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam

Hyper Jam is a neon-soaked 80’s inspired arena brawler that features both local and online multiplayer - and it's available today on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam!

Mixing sudoku and picross, Minesweeper Genius brings the puzzles to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

If you have ever picked up a controller, put your hand on a mouse, or sat at a computer screen, then chances are you would have played some variant of Minesweeper. Well good news, it's now hitting Xbox One and Nintendo Switch... all in the form of Minesweeper Genius.

Hyper Jam Review

Arena brawlers are bringing local multiplayer back in a big way with their pick up and play gameplay, and battle mechanics that don’t feel too alienating for newcomers. Hyper Jam on Xbox One is another such arena brawler, but this one comes soaked in neon and has a real 80’s vibe throughout. Does it do enough to stand toe-to-toe with the others on the market?

Conarium Review

In a love letter to H.P Lovecraft's "At The Mountains Of Madness", Conarium put us in the position, right from the get go, of being isolated on an Arctic base during an expedition with no memory of where anybody else is, or why you're here. That's exactly what you need to find out.

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