Babol the Walking Box Xbox

“What’s in the box?!” I scream in my best Brad Pitt impression at the title of this next game. This is a far cry from Se7en though, as the initial screenshot should make apparent. Find out just what is in the box though as Babol the Walking Box arrives on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Babol is on a mission to rescue his other square friends who have only gone and gotten themselves into some trouble. But Babol isn’t just an empty box. Inside there is enough courage, determination and heart to ensure he can overcome any trial in his way.

There will be enemies, bosses and more in his way. But Babol also will not be alone as he will meet plenty of helpful companions on his journey too. What size and shape they are remains to be seen.

Jump over ice rivers, explore ancient ruins and run through creepy forests, Babol the Walking Box is a 3D platformer the whole family can enjoy. With easy achievements too, if that is your thing.

The irony is not lost on me that Babol looks a lot like a certain (Crash) bandicoot marsupial, just condensed down into a running cube. Let’s hope the inspirations extend into the gameplay too.

Babol the Walking Box is on the Xbox Store now priced at £5.79. Stay tuned for our review coming very soon; don’t be a square, man.

Game description

Babol the Walking Box is a colorful and cheerful 3D platforming game that will charm everyone who’s tired from colorless days and wishes to experience the true fairytale-style adventure! Meet our hero — his name is Babol and he’s the box! But don’t you judge him just yet, because this box has everything it takes to be a hero: courage, determination, good looks and a heart of gold. But even all these qualities would not be enough to save Babol’s square friends, who got themselves into some deep dark troubles. That’s why they will also need your helping hand! You’re going to meet a full case of troubles and enemies, but do not fret as you’ll also get a full box of handy companions. Well, I think that you just can’t wait to start your journey as it’s obvious now that Babol the Walking Box is one CUBED game!

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