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EA SPORTS F1 23 fully detailed and dated – Braking Point is back!


EA SPORTS F1 23 Champions Edition keyart

It comes as no surprise to see the two-time World Champion Max Verstappen front and centre of EA SPORTS F1 23, but today we discover even more details concerning the game, including the return of the Braking Point story mode. 

Due to release on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC (EA App, Epic, Steam) on June 16th 2023, EA SPORTS F1 23 will look to expand on what was delivered in EA SPORTS F1 22, with returning features, up-to-date season calendars and plenty of improvements to the game engine and handling. 

We felt that F1 22 was a superb F1 racer, and there was no doubting that on-track action was hot. But it was also a game that was filled with some unnecessary moments, never really feeling at home with F1 Life and the Supercars that were included. 

But EA SPORTS F1 23 will take that game and run with it, adding in a new chapter of Braking Point, following young upstart Aiden Jackson, and protagonist, Devon Butler, now teammates for Konnersport Racing Team, a fledgling organisation hoping to succeed against the current real-world F1 teams and drivers. It promises to add a host of new characters, fresh rivalries, and racing challenges, as both aim to take their careers to the next level, but there will be twists, turns, and pitfalls along the way.

“The return of Braking Point allows players to immerse themselves in a racing story, which provides a unique look at F1 alongside the authentic race features our players know and love,” said Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters. “Our close relationship with the teams has allowed us to refine our handling model, adding greater realism to pad-play, and implementing a new colour encoding system used in film and TV creates a more true-to-life experience.”

Of course, there will be more to the game than that and Max Verstappen will be the cover star; a natural move seeing as he has the EA SPORTS branding slapped across his race helmet. He’s going to be fronting the F1 23 Champions Edition – we guess because, well, he’s a champion. 

But there’s more and F1 23’s handling has been upgraded from last season, allowing for more predictable behaviour, and new vehicle physics gives the cars better traction when braking, accelerating, and cornering. By incorporating actual F1 team feedback, a greater balance between aerodynamics and tyre grip results in a more realistic feel. Engine torque and inertia improvements also mean throttle control is more authentic and offers a greater level of connection to the car. Alongside these improvements, Precision Drive controller technology will give pad players better control and confidence in those crucial race moments.

And following on from community feedback, a 35% race distance option makes its debut, providing the perfect sweet spot between the previous short and long race options. Additionally, red flags add a new strategic element and the ability to react quickly could change the outcome of a race, both for better and worse.

Alongside the full 2023 season calendar, which expands to include Las Vegas and Lusail, the game also boasts three legacy circuits, with Paul Ricard (France), Shanghai (China), and Portimão (Portugal) all confirmed for launch. Will you be one of the few excited for Paul Ricard?

What’s more exciting is the introduction of the F1 World hub which will deliver a fresh experience with content inspired by the real-world calendar. Helping introduce players to the complex world of Formula 1, F1 World brings together multiple game modes, including Time Trial and Grand Prix, offering an exciting new way to play the game.

And then a new progression system allows players to level up by completing challenges to unlock car upgrades, new liveries, race suits, and helmets. A new safety rating system links online and offline play, encouraging drivers to race cleanly. This system also helps pair like-minded drivers more efficiently for improved online racing.

EA SPORTS F1 23 comes with an official release date of June 16th 2023, but grab that Champions Edition (Xbox Store link) and you’ll get three days early access, time-limited Las Vegas content, Max Verstappen Race Wear Pack, Braking Point 2 Icons and Vanity Item Pack, Dual Entitlement**, four new My Team Icons, an XP Boost, F1 World Bumper Pack and 18,000 PitCoin. Alternatively, take in the Standard Edition.

We’ll remind you as that launch approaches, but for now you can take in the reveal trailer below. 

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