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If you’ve stuck around the post-apocalyptic destructive action filled world of Crossout long enough, you’ll be fully aware that content is never something you’ll find yourself short of. Whether it’s making the most of the highs and lows of the in-game market, taking on PVE encounters with your friends or gunning it out in the various PVP challenges that are available, there is always something to do. Now though, Crossout looks to be expanding further still and with a new map, a new Special Event and an all new Story Campaign to be enjoying, there is plenty for those who once moved on from Crossout to be coming back to.

As part of update 0.10.50 for Crossout, players will be able to access an all new story arc that is coming to the open world-esque Adventure mode. In this new story arc titled Contagion, players will be able to jump in with friends or go it alone with a new campaign that pits players against a mysterious and unknown machine capable of pitting even your most trusted allies against you. This Adventure mode expansion will see players able to access new quests, go up against new enemies, explore new locations and get involved in all new stories as you try to tame the apocalyptic remains of the land.

On top of that, players will find the new Sandy Gulf map able to be enjoyed by all when getting involved in Crossout’s PVP encounters. This comes with a huge, broken container ship split across the centre of the map that’s spent centuries rusting away, with it seemingly all that stands between cover and death as you try to avoid the brunt of enemy bullets. It will be up to you to find that extra oomph as you look to face your enemies head on, but be warned, Sandy Gulf isn’t just an empty wasteland and with a few nooks and crannies that offer that unexpecting dark spot, there is enough complexity provided to allow for some close melee-focused action for any unsuspecting victim unaware of their surroundings.

If you want something a little more, and find your hunger unquenched by all of that, then maybe the new special brawl event will be what you’re after. Spring Mayhem is the event in question and with the event dedicated to Victory in Europe day, it’s probably quite unsurprising to see players now able to get involved in collecting the parts to build the all new T-34 tank known for it’s incredible combat success in the WWII era. With a single ballistic cannon proving more than capable of ripping apart even the strongest armour and camouflage capable of hiding even the sight of a T-34 tank, this is one tank that you won’t want to miss out on.

Of course, should you not want to fight for every last part in an unforgiving brawl event, then you can gen involved with the Fresh Blood pack when it becomes available which will include the ‘Risen’ T34 tank, a set of rare components and some humorous decorations straight out the pack.

Those wanting to get involved in the Spring Mayhem will find the event available from April 30 to May 13 on PC and from May 8 to May 22 on consoles. Will you be getting involved in the latest madness to hit the world of Crossout on Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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